Anyone in TA in North Wiltshire?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MacStab, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Moving for work and will need to transfer TA units. Currently infantry and had a look at 7 Rifles, but am thinking about a change too as there seems to be RA, RE and some good Sigs units around there.

    I am not looking at Air Dispatch though so don't even mention it.

    Any decent thoughts welcome, and any sarcastic comments better be funny.

    Cheers people.
  2. There's Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry in Swindon too, apparently a good bunch. Not a big fan of planes or something?
  3. Cheers but Ill be in north Wiltshire, Dorset is a bit of a trek but thanks for that.
  4. A squadron Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry. We were both on about the same thing, based in Swindon.
  5. Oh right, guess I'm missing something (no jokes). What reaction would a infantry man with a Napoleon complex, a chip on my shoulder and a big mouth get?
  6. 6 Rifles (B Company) @ Taunton
  7. i would imagine 6 Rifles in Gloucester would be closer.
  8. Whatever you chose to make of it mate. I had my reservations about going Cav but I'm generally pretty pleased with what's on offer and it suits my Recce orientated proclivities. I'll say this much - if you push for it you will get plenty from the RY for a minimal outlay in commitment compared to the Regulars.

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  9. A Major's crown in about 6 months..?

    Seriously - loads of ex-infantry types at A Sqn in Swindon. Aveeee!

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  10. Or even the Royal Gloucestershire Hussars in beautiful Cirencester....
  11. Don't they share premises with a Rifles platoon outstation? I know there is one in Swindon.
  12. Yes. A platoon linked with HQ company 7RIFLES I believe.
  13. Well I was looking at the Rifles, but I'm sick of walking and want to ride to war (even if the Landrover is older than I am).