Anyone in REME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by moto_psycho, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Im applying to join as a metalsmith, obviously I have a slight idea on what is in store for me, but anyone here in that position, would be very interested to hear 1st hand what are the complete goings on!

  2. You would be better off posting this in the REME forum.
  3. AFC/ATR then phase 2 training in SEME Bordon Hampshire. Class 3 course lasting approx 6 months, driver training. Then posted to the field army (REME Bn more then likely).
  4. ...which could be in England or Germany, with plenty of opportunities for a trip to one of the sandy places!

  5. Or NI now, ish...
  6. The only real skilled trade left in the corps. Good luck mate
  7. When did the basic course drop to 6 months???
    Mine was 10 months I think - 20 odd years ago now.... Shite, now I feel all old :(
  8. I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember the Tin Bashers basic course was nowhere near 10 months, either when I went though as a basic VM in 73 or when I was the RD Cpl in "C" Coy 84-86.
  9. Perhaps you could do a look at life and speak to some Metalsmiths?

    I have a couple of friends that are and unfortunately promotion seams to be less fruitful than other REME trades. I believe that last year only 3 Metalsmiths picked up from CFN - LCPL?

    Correct me if I am wrong?!
  10. I just dug out my PDR (It finally came in useful!!) - Metalsmith Initial - course 100 ran from 21 Aug 86 to 15 Apr 87, just shy of 9 months.

    For present day metalsmiths, don't be put off by apparently slow promotion times, I made Sgt in 9 years (not because I was a lickarse, but because I was qualified). Don't delay doing courses - I was on the same SMC as my second boss (Cpl), he'd delayed because he didn't want to do the drill and PT. He was binned along with another 14 year Cpl after a couple of weeks.

    Mind you, I'm a Sgt again now - but it is a bit warmer down here :)
  11. Fantastic news that you made Sgt quickly Nige - just purely my friends experience and believe me neither are shy of getting stuck in and regularly represent the Reg&Corps in a variety of things I may be wrong but I think it is a case of not many LCPL slots available.

    I will say no more as it's not my place and I am obviously not a Metalsmith myself! However from what I hear REME is a great Corps and you will thoroughly enjoy it! (Although Bordon is a bit pants at the moment!!)
  12. My bold, what do you mean Bordon is a bit pants AT THE MOMENT. I am still in the area although I first came here 36 years ago and have spent many years here off and on in between and it has always been a shithole
  13. Metalsmith is a good trade but it might be worth considering Armourer. Most metalsmiths that want fast promotion in the REME transfer to Armourer any way to become Artificer Weapons.

  14. I think that's what you meant to say.
  15. Okay so it's always been pants, just I am living there at the moment in it's particularly pants!! - We have a major issue with pikeys!