Discussion in 'REME' started by FUTURISTICROBOT, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. was hoping people could get in touch if there in the corp and skateboard looking to organise piss ups and trips with people who can ride of any standard :lol:
  2. .... incoming.....!!!!!
  3. Incoming!

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  4. I knew a lad in 3 Btn who used to skateboard. I also knew a few in mine (Engineers) who used to skateboard, too.

    Also, I know you might take a bit of flak off of some of the old fogeys on here, but I should imagine, as a sport, a high standard of fitneess and balance is required - which is why I never tried it!
  5. I honestly thought the REME were a good bunch of lads, all the ones I've ever met were anyway.

    Who the fcuk is this throbber? Skateboarding recce-mechs? Whatever next, pogoing sparks? Wheelying welder?

    I give up.....
  6. Just made me piss myself!
  7. The ginger scouse OC LAD of a certain Scottish Cavalry Regiment a few years ago had a motorised skateboard he wazzed around Fally camp on, if that's any help. Apparently some of the Offrs Mess were a bit sniffy, but the CO loved it.

    Andy R***rs, the man's got style!
  8. I’m dying over here :D ; I think the Medics are into Roller Blade type antics, if it helps.
  10. are u the licra wearing roller-blader that i used to try and knock off on fally range rd?
    come on mate, i will never mock the skiers again