Anyone in here from 32 Signal Regiment?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fivetodo, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. After a bit of info regarding the recruiting state of 32 Signal Regiment at the moment, as in are they recruiting?, has there been any change to their role after R Signals made the cuts which are going to affect manning?, more importantly if they are recruiting, then how well is it going?

    Cheers in advance :)
  2. Don't know about 32 sig regt recruiting but 69 (nih) sig sqn are coming back to 32 sig regt after 40 sig regt got axed in the sdr :clap:
  3. plus 50 Sig Sqn
  4. Their new CO is a good bloke. Sorry I can't help with the rest of your questions. Suggest you go down to your nearest TAC and get a feel for how things are.
  5. I'm in 32 Sigs. Yes we are recruiting and its going well thanks. No change in role after restructuring. If you have any other specific questions then please PM me.
  6. depends where you live. if your anywhere further north than dundee than itll change slightly.

    if your on the central belt then youll be fine
  7. I am in Prestonpans, but working anywhere within the 32 Sigs AOR wouldnt bother me to be honest, having commuted to and fro from London to Edinburgh for the past 15 months each weekend, i am in the throes of deciding to leave the regulars having completed 22 years (on long service at the moment as a Recruiting Office manager) and go for something a bit closer to home, but i was hoping i could get a tour out of it at least :)

    I have made inroads into getting some of the information that could sway my decision to move across to the TA but there is still a bit more digging i need to do in terms of the future of the Regiment and their recruiting plan.

    At 40 yrs old if i am going to do it i want to get it done sooner rather than later, i dont want to go down the route that Long service normally takes you where you expand in all directions :D

    But i definitely need a new challenge, the current regular recruiting climate is being turned upside down and there is far too much red tape involved in trying to keep people happy whilst they wait up to 12 months for a vacancy, but at the same time i do not need or want to start a new career as such, technically i could finish and with what my pension is going to pay me and what the wife is earning i don't have to look for a job straight away, but going running everyday with sod all else to do would drive me up the wall after a while :D

    who needs retirement eh? :D
  8. If you are looking for a new challenge, you could do a lot worse than join 2 Sigs at Dundee.
    2 Sigs info
    We are an independent unit with some interesting and unique comms assets, a good social side and we have just inherited the Aberdeen Sqn from 32 Sigs in the re-org.
    PM me if you want any more details.
  9. Billy that would be fine but it is a bit of a cabbie from Prestonpans to Dundee, and at my time and stage in my career i am not sure i would be best suited and looking for operating the equipment again, i cut my teeth on Ptarmigan and am a Radio Relay Operator, whilst you can teach an old dog new tricks i am not sure i really want to start twiddling knobs again :D

    And being English, married to a Scottish lass, i have to say i would struggle to understand the guys up there :D its bad enough listening to my wife :D
  10. Yeah, agree it would be a journey but we have bods from all over Scotland who don't make Tuesday nights but travel in for the weekends.
    Plenty of roles here, you don't need to be an op, sure you must have some skills that would benefit training wing?
    As for the lingo, I struggle to understand some of the guys and I'm Dundee born and bred!!!
    Good luck with whatever you decide on mate.
  11. Has somebody not told you something?
  12. Seconded, no longer Independent. Speak to the PSAO at Edinburgh on Monday - 01313105211
  13. there will be a few on this forum joining this unit soon. :D

    its about as independant as Wales now
  14. Ok, not quite independent after the review but would argue that's an admin thing, training program won't change.
  15. So that would imply my Sqn is also indepent ..... vive la Yorkshire independance ... about time too!!!!!