Anyone in Colchester? Can you do me a favour?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by legal_eagle, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Strange request this I know, but I was posting on a previous thread about Gurkhas and mentioned having a taste for the tobacco they chew..Khaini (that is probably not the right spelling)

    I started on it when I ran out of cigs and subsequently gave up smoking. I've been an on/off smoker for years and I need to give up again so I want to get hold of some of this stuff, it has a far better kick than nicorette! I have given up before without help but this just makes it easier.

    The favour is, can someone get me some?!? Apparently it's available in Colchester (see thread above and paste below). This is not a stitch up, I don't expect anyone to send me anything until I have given them the money, which I imagine will only be a few quid anyway and I don't want to know anyones name or address or anything like that, I can send you the money via whatever means you like. Money transfer, Western Union, Paypal, if you're in barracks by posting the cash to your Sqn, Coy address. Whatever, you decide. Anyway, here's where to find it, apparently;

    "The tobacco is known as Khaini, if that is the correct spelling. You can get it in lots of Asian ran newsagents and groceries shops. The little shop just off the roundabout in Colchester sells it, and you can get it in most places in and around Brick Lane."

    I have never seen it in any shop asian or otherwise anywhere in the UK and I travel around quite a lot now, so I hope it's true.

    OK, anyone able to help would be greatly appreciated.... :thumleft:
  2. It's just occurred to me that I should probably have posted this in the Gurkha forum! Oh well, I'll do it later if this one comes to nothing...
  3. Not that im in Colly anymore but I think I know the shop you mean, its just off St Botolphs round- about before you get to Gala Bingo and its a small asian grocery store, sorry I cant help any further than that.
  4. F***ing smoking ban. I have gone smoke free for two days and I don't feel f***king better and I hate this F***ing hotel room with its gay poncy porters and shite food. And all I want is a F***ing cigarette.
  5. Then you should be able to get it within a mile of your present location I would imagine............irrespective of where you are.................assuming you are in the uk.............

  6. LOL!! That was a quote from the previous thread. I have asked in loads of asian shops and they don't seem to have a clue what I'm talking about!
  7. Where are you anyway? I might be able to assist.
  8. North West -
  9. Check PM
  10. Got it, cheers.