anyone in Chilwell, Notts?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by star, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. Hi
    New on here and was wondering if anyone else is in this awful place ?
  2. you could move??

    Welcome to ARRSE star, feel free to make a donation.I'm in East yorks ,you thought chilwell was bad!!
  3. whats wrong with it? :lol:

  4. Its just awful, The camp itself is quite pretty and the woods and fields are nice to have but its just the general area....the nearest "town" of Beeston is still stuck in 1970 while Nottingham is , well... dangerous!
    Im just sounding off I guess, Could be worse....Could be stuck in Chatham!
  5. Could always try the dungeon area at Nottingham Castle or as the other half said, get on the bus and get into Nottingham asap and as often as you can, otherwise you turn into a brain dead moron towing the party line .....
    he said having been through there three times in 7 months. Seeing the life sucked out of people who were there on posting!

    Drink through straws at Yates Wine Lodge.
  6. No sorry mate no where near it.
  7. Yes the Market square area of Nottingham can be rather "frisky" around chucking out time on a Saturday night! If you hang around St. Anns and the Hyson Green area, you derserve what you get!
    beeston was the same in 1980, harping to 1950 THEN!
  8. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    If you can get in then the Market Bar and the Pitcher and Piano were ok. I never found anything good in Beeston or Long Eaton except for that Dominos Pizza. Under no circumstances get stuck there for a weekend with nothing to do, I did a few times and ended up climbing the walls!
  9. Ahhh, would this be Chetwynd barracks? I used to live there when my Father was in the Army.
  10. yep....Chetwynd Barracks it is....and as for being stuck here for the weekend with noting to do...............its happening right now :(
  11. ah well star,

    i know what u mean about beeston as i work right near there now, as for nottingham its not too bad if you stick to town centre on a night out, as for the comments about St Annes they are right, do not go there!!

    come down Mansfield way, its ok down there!! and you will be calling everyone Yoooooth and Duck within minutes!

    and thats from a yorkshire lad stuck here myself!!
  12. bit harsh, there is a lovely little thai restaurant in beeston! just down from dominos, opposite sainsburys. and down beeston high st there is a chinese all you can eat for a tenner which is very friendly... and weatherspoons might be full of students but at least its cheap drinks.

    agree that nottingham itself is a bit dodgy tho. but as someone said, stick to the centre and you should be ok. (go to st anns if you wanna be in tomorrows paper.) likewise bits of lenton and radford are best sprinted through! but in town its ok, lots of variety and choice and good bus service back to beeston (and i think chilwell?)...

    and if chilwell really is getting too much for you, jump on the airlink bus down to east midlands and f*ck off somewhere sunny. easyjet goes everywhere and the bus is only £7 for a month open return. (or £3.50 if you get a taxi to the bus stop and present your receipt on the bus). very handy!
  13. Did you try looking, the nightlife is something out of this world (probably another world). For an outsider its probably difficult to pull, the main rule LE rule of dating is you need to be related (I'm buggered the only female relation I have of shaggable age (> 9)(and isn't me mum) is in Australia).
    Most birds don't like expensive gifts, in fact the easiest way to pull is to let them in front of you when ur queing for the urinals.

    But probably the best thing in Long Eaton is Junction 25 (M1)
  14. Yeah, I live in Long Eaton at the moment. It's full chavs :evil:

    Like everyone else said, just stick to the bars around the centre and you shouldn't have any trouble. I'd recommend Rock City too. 3 rooms playing all sorts, it's not just rock music. A few bars have got the new licensing now so they can serve till 12am. Westside Bar on St.James Street have it, I'm not sure which others though. Try - should be able to find out what's going off on there.

    Stay clear of Bilborugh as well if you can. They're slowly turning into the next St.Annes. A mate of mine got attacked there a few weeks ago for no reason. ended up with a knife in his shoulder :?

    Lucky for me(i think) I'm off to Winchester for basic on halloween, so I can get the hell out of here.
  15. I have always found Long Eaton to be a charming little place.Great Tobbaconist's shop :D