Anyone in Canada?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Flagrantviolator, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Needing Companionship.
  2. I'll be heading to Canada next week. Wanna do it?
  3. Not screening for gender first? You certainly live on the edge! :D
  4. Surely just a proponent of the "any hole's a goal!" way of thinking?!
  5. Any hole is a goal and all holes are for poles if you know what I mean. :p
  6. Do you have any idea of the size of Canada?

    When flying from the UK it takes longer to fly across the land mass than it does to get to Canadian airspace.

    It even takes longer for a train to get from the port in Quebec to BATUS in Alberta than it does from sailing from Marchwood to Quebec.
  7. So you've calculated how long it'll take you to get to Fragrantviolet's tight little arrse? You people sicken me. :D
  8. Considering most guys I know would dig their way out of a Badain Jaran sand dune with a teaspoon for a guaranteed sh@g, what's a two-week drive? :D
  9. Women or post-op trannies only. Should have specified.Province of Quebec, preferably.
  10. MDN's kinda person.
  11. Never had it for post-ops before, but then I saw Anne Coulter. He'd SOOO get it.
  12. French?

    I've had a standing offer out there of £20 and half a crate of John Smiths' for the first ARRSE member that kicks "her" back door in. Send me pics and your mailing address when it happens.
  13. So you're a stinky Frenchman then.
  14. Anglicised French father, Irish Protestant mother. So no, not really, f@ckwad. But I do speak the language. Thanks for your concern
  15. or at least the local variant.

    have you not considere a drive down to Montreal and St Catherine's Street or at least the peeler bars of Gatineau? :D