Anyone in BFG built a kit car?

Was thinking about building a 7 style kit car and was wondering whether it could be BFG registered. When finished it would be a brand new car with no v5 or German equivilent. Would it need a made up chassis number? (it is actually legal in UK to make up a chassis number if you made the chassis not sure about Germany). And as a new vehicle would it just have a standard BFG roadworthiness test? And if it passed all that would it be a problem re registering in UK without the V5 when posted back.
There was a CPL in JHQ in the 80's with a kit built HUSTLER, 6 wheel version.

It was BFGd.

My advice, build in Germany, trailer back to the UK and register as per UK rules for V5/ single vehicle testing etc, then take back to Germany and BFG it.

Not sure about UK taxes on bring it back to UK to register.
I had one but this was going back a while and it had a log book so registering on BFG was the same as for every other car.

Think you will probably have to take it for a TUV Hauptuntersuchung to make sure all the bits are EU conform and all that sort of stuff.

I assume if you built it in the UK it would need something of the same type of checks before you could take it on the road and Germany is no different, thought the SOFA may make some difference here. Try asking your local friendly BFG office :)
Did some research and for the record you need to do iva test in Uk but don't need to register can be bfg'd off that document. Will the German insurance companies insure one though...? Because they are not such a common occurrence on German roads.
A former OC of mine built a 7 in his younger days and that was BFG'd - I seem to recall he said it had the same plate as the Sierra he used as the main donor
I've built two kits now. The first was in UK and I sold on posting to Germany, thinking that TUV would be needed. Turned out it wasn't because it had gone through IVA. The second one I bought in Germany- tax free. The local tax officer was prepared to sign off the invoices as car parts! You'd need to go back to UK with it to get it IVA'd (or whatever it's called now) I think -then you would get a UK registration. But with the IVA you should then be able to get BFG plates without any trouble.

Good luck and enjoy!!

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Thanks for info. So you had no problems insuring it in Germany? I would ask the bfg insurance lady but im in Uk on course at the moment
I think kit cars are similar to crash repairs ie they need to go for an SVA test, not only to ensure build/repair quality but also that no nicked parts are on it.

Will you be using the car as a track day car or a daily commuter? If its the former then I think there is a SOBAG/SIBAG on it
The CPL in JHQ with the Hustler had no problems with getting it insured.

He insured the Hustler as a Metro (Special), Metro being the donor vehicle.

Insured via the German Insurance Agents in JHQ, next to the German Post Office near to the NAAFI. (Forgot the name of the company).

There is a KITCAR SHOW at Stoneleigh Park on the 5th & 6th May this year. Admission £15, FREE if you drive a kit car in.
Hey, litterally just found this thread.

Not in the forces (or even germany) but I would be interested in knowing what comes out of this as I am "in the process" of doing this (albeit in Luxembourg who runs by the whatever the tuv says, nevermind european laws).

All of you guys who have had experience with this, when was it?

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