Anyone ID the Regiment from the uniform?

Think that's a challenge?

Try "sausage role"

I mean, I can't even think of a sentence in which it would make sense . . .

In the film 'Ginger Lynn Meets John Holmes', Mr Holmes plays the lead sausage role with such force and vitality that one can only admire his prolific capabilities.
I’ve re read this thread a few times and have done hours of research, now from what I have discovered I have come to the conclusion that the chap is now dead and was a Cpl in the British Army.
No shit Sherlock! But you missed 'in the timeframe 1910-20'.;)
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You don’t think @MrBane has electrocuted/drowned/sawn/hammered/drilled* himself to death do you? He is noticeable by his absence in this thread.

*delete as applicable. Other DIY disasters are available.

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