Anyone i.d this 'flying' helmet please ?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by dogs_bollox, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Mate of mine has the helmet below. I saw this and said it was a nice Yank helmet. However I then noticed it has British oxygen mask hooks on it.

    Are the RAF using USAF kit these days ? I appreciate it has goggles rather than a visor but I think he put those on it as they are ESS.

    Could it be a high altitude para helmet ? I thought those were British made and green. (Helmets Ltd ?)

    Is it just some mess that someone has made up of bits ? A Frankenstein helmet :)


    Thanks for any sensible suggestions ;-)
  2. Oh, I was expecting a photo of a one time RAf aircrewman. Can't help you with your helmet!
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  3. Thanks to a PM, I now know this is called a HAPLSS helmet. Part of the High Altitude Parachute Life Support System ensemble. Used by Pathfinders and others apparently.

    My mate bought it from the disposal warehouse in Essex. Brand new. If they are dumping this, it makes you wonder what the heck they're using now. ..........

    Job jobbed then :)
  4. Goggles are quite important as a rule. The 'seal' between the O2 mask and the nose gap of the goggles should be given every regard. I've known folks to glue a foam strip around the nose portion of the goggles to ensure a firm air seal. As the O2 mask is critical, the style / model of goggle is important. Spending 120secs of super chilled air blasting your eyeballs isn't pleasant.
  5. It's a ******* hat................................ like you. They're nowt particularly special, less the time it takes to clip some O2 brackets on to it.
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  6. Simple and civil question only requiring a simple, civil response or none whatsoever. Odd that I got a sensible one followed swiftly by utter shite .......

    Someone run out of hemorrhoid cream ?

    Happy to have been hat if being anything else would have made me into a grumpy, short-tempered, bi-polar **** like you.
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  7. Oooh, get her!
  8. "We've got a bleeder"!

    The massive fanny.
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