Anyone here tried the "Fighting Fit P-Company programme"?

Evening all. Just got "fighting fit" through the post, read through it and it looks to be packed full of good info. Was going to do the P-company programme in it because it seemed to be the best one for my needs. I already have a basic level of fitness (1.5 miles in 8:40, 57 press ups and 60-65 sit ups in two mins, 8 heaves) but obviously looking at those figures my upper body needs improving, that programme seems to place alot of emphasis on upper body strength as well as endurance and speed work. Atm ta infantry soldier (Rifles) is on the cards so I want to be as fit as possible ready for selection.

After that paragraph of bollocks, my question is, has anyone worked through all 8 weeks of that programme and did they notice a big improvement in their fitness? How did it affect their various scores in press ups, sit ups, heave and run time?


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Nice one on getting the book stick with it then you can let up know the results in a couple of months. When I joined up in the early 80s the only advice I was given was to start jogging before I took the oath, a few short years later when working at the depot I was amazed at how unfit the recruits were and the excuse was because of the teachers strikes and no pe in school. My neighbour asked me for advice cos he is going into the rifles, I told him to get a stab vest because he is a thieving cnut that borrows money from people less tough than he, and refuses to pay them back, were taking bets on how long he will last lol. Seriously though let up know how the fitness regime your about to do works, good luck
Yeah it does seem that the fitness standards for someone my age (19) atm are pretty shocking when you take the average lad off the street. Our PE in school was crap and was largely full of mongs who were just interested in messing about. We rarely did anything like cross country or things that would actually build up fitness. Remember watching some old episodes of "bad lads army" a few weeks ago and the narrator saying that compared to the guys doing national service years ago, the fitness levels now are a bit shocking. And fair play on giving your neighbour that advice lol I spoke to one lad who did his ADSC a couple of months ago and he said that there were too many lads there who turned up in trackies and pissed about all the way through, their fitness was shit and he said it seemed like they just wanted to go into the army to look hard, they didn't give a **** about being a soldier. Seems a bit shameful really when all the lads that would have been doing national service years ago were most likely heavy smokers, they wouldn't have had access to all the varied food we do now and they were still far fitter than most in my generation. That's a good idea on keeping everyone updated, I'll write back in a month and tell everyone what progress is being made. Ideally I want to be running 1.5 miles sub 8 minutes and be doing 80 press ups and sit ups in 2 mins as well as at least doubling the heaves, we'll see how it goes.


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