Anyone here tried GGG 147gr .308?

Just noticed that one of my local shops has started selling GGG ammunition. Doing a quick Google, I see that it is or has been used by the UK NRA.

GGG takes on NRA 7.62mm ammo supply contract – here’s the tech specs

Has anyone here tried it? It looks to be quite competetively priced, but it's a false economy if it's not consistent.

Thanks in advance
"Extreme spread as a proportion of v-bull size: 0.66"

So looks to be around 1 MOA capable ammo.


I have used a fair bit of it, its ok but it shoots to a different poi to the stuff I prefer. I couldn't sell it fast enough but frankly its a good round it held a good group at 600 but it was three feet up and away from the ammo I had zeroed with FNB.
I'll try some tomorrow then. It's about £11 for 20, so it's not going to break the bank if I buy a couple of boxes.
I have used quite a bit of the GGG 5.56 and found it very good, surprising me by giving a decent showing at 600yds from an 18* barrel with a 1:7.8 (or 1 in 200mm if you prefer) twist

Also used the GGG 7.62 and that is pretty good too but that was the cooking variety, i.e.147gn

What the NRA is using is loaded with a 155gn Sierra Matchking branded as "7.62x51 Imperial". Not tried it yet but know people who have and they seem happy enough!

GGG also offer a line of ".308 Winchester" .308 WIN ammunition.pdf

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