Anyone here speak Polish?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tartan_Terrier, May 13, 2009.

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  1. I took my son to the cinema this afternoon to see the new Star Trek film (very good it was too), but when I got home my good humour was somewhat soured by the fact that there was a mechanical digger, numerous trafffic cones and three holes in my driveway. The nice Polish people who had seen fit to leave my driveway in this state had fecked off for the day, and 'customer services' of the company they belonged to closed at five, so I had unfortunately, no-one to complain to.

    Luckily I've since managed to calm down from a blind all-consuming rage to a more mellow form of anger, so I'm now almost in a state where I can safely ask the workmen to refrain from making holes and parking their diggers on my property. Unfortunately though, they don't seem to speak any English, Danish, or German, and my Polish is non existent.

    So could any Polish speaking ARRSEr do me a favour and tell me how to write 'Please do not park your digger in my driveway' in Polish? If they could I'd be much obliged.

  2. podobać się czynić nie park twój pojazdy w mój ogród (?)

    podobać się czynić nie park twój pojazd u mój przedmioty (?)
    Please don't park your vehicle on my property
    No real idea, sorry :(
  3. "Tortoi-yest? Kouvra March!!!!!" might do the trick. No idea on the exact spelling but that should get your point accross.

    Failing that call them filthy Russians, and that you make no distinction as the dirty slavs are all the same. You might find they then have a better grasp of English than they first thought.
  4. Here, speak this as it look (Not the actual spelling.)


    That will get them moving.

    Failing that. "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" should do the trick.
  5. Please do not park your vehicle in my driveway = Proszę nie zaparkować pojazd w moim podjazd

    according to
  6. Do one or I'll get Adolf round to sort you's out.
    Robi jed albo JA będzie otrzymywać Adolf dookoła gatunkować was dzielicie poza.
  7. Please do not park your vehicle in my driveway-'Please czynić nie park twój kopacz w mój podjazd

  8. Please fuck off and die chubb. You're a cunt who should have your flange ripped out with a chainsaw. -'Czywil, kzpax w mel Chubb cćunt pdzóallt
  9. Is it a private home or rented or association. (All have differing legal stuff)
    Did you request the work.
    If private and work not requested sue em. (Check planning permissions, local council etc)
    If work is requested and they have just gone for the day check the small print of the contract. Sorry but it might just be tough luck.
    If not block them in and charge for parking by the hour and back charge it.
    Write to the company, I believe you are allowed to claim up to £95 an hour for your time on research and typing and printing and posting and queing for a stamp etc then add on time off work, petrol/fuel, electricity costs etc.
    Do not forget that any worker requiring access to your land should ask for permission if not charge them for that as well. (Talk to the English speaking one though)

  10. All useful, except that TT is in the fine Kingdom of Denmark, which sees things a touch differently.

    Try 'em in Russian - "parkovanie gruzovykh i rabochikh mashin zapreshcheno".
  11. Depends if you want the polite version which if you were to reverse roles probably works best....the above aint bad but not quite right here is the defintive version.

    Prosze Panow nie zaparkowac Maszyne w moim pojazdzie.
    Moje uszanowanie
    'Your name'
  12. Well that didn't help at all, but thanks for trying anyway guys. I've just come home from work and been told that they'll be digging even more holes and that I can't use my driveway til tomorrow. I'm absolutely fucking livid!!!

    I've now got to wait another 45 minutes before there's anyone in their office that I can shout at. Time for another beer....
  13. What annoys me even more is that it's for fibre optic cables for an internet/cable tv company that I haven't even signed up for.

    I keep half expecting to see Jeremy Beadle.....
  14. Let us know if you do - he's been dead for a few years now has he not?? :D
  15. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Spójrz tutaj Stare CHAPS Proszę Wyczyść startu lub I ll ustawić psów na Ciebie!

    You could try this, Google translate.