Anyone here served with the 212 (Highland) Battery RA (V)?

I just found out that my Land Rover, Lightweight Fitted For Radio, was issued to and served with the 212 in 1974. I sure would like to ask someone questions about the role of Lightweight FFRs, kit, uniforms, etc. Best regards, Bil
I was with 102 regt for a while just after they converted to Blowpipe in the early 80's. I think at that time the Regt had Bofors 40/70's. Chances are your LR was a recce officers or OP's vehicle.

If you do a net search on Air Defence regiments you might get an idea where it fits in.
Hey, thanks for the info. I think that 212 was part of 102 reg for a while. The site I found syas.....The Highland Regiment disbanded. Arbroath Battery is retained as a third Battery of the 102 Ulster/Scottish Light Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.

1986 212 (Highland) Battery now part of 105th Regiment.
1992 The Battery saw the introduction of the Javelin air defence system.
2003 Starstreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) is introduced - developing on from Javelin.
2006 Battery converts back to field artillery to the 105mm Light Gun. G Troop is formed with a parade to mark the event on the 1st Dec 06 on Shetland Island.

What is an OP vehicle? Is it like a foward observer? Question, did you go to Germany or other NATO country for summer exercise? Did your vehicles go with you? I assume when on summer exercises as an OP vehicle, or FO or recce, it would have been in NATO Green/black camo, personnel who were with it in full combats and officer with vehicle would have been an LT or higher. What do you think? Thanks, Bil

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