Anyone here from the 266 (commando) artillery in bristol?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Neil.Larsen, May 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm gonna be coming in on next tuesday night to have a look around and hopefully get some more information about the regiments training and deployment.

    Where do I find the guy to talk to about it? I've never even been there before so I'll be busy trying to find the entrance probably heh.

    In terms of TA units this one sounds like a bloody professional one, I mean para AND commando training? I didn't even know that existed in the TA.

    Talking of para training, is it absolutely mandatory? or is the regiment becoming fully commando like I've heard? reason I ask is because at the moment I find the thought of parachuting daunting...*crys like a girl*

  2. Surely if you're willing to get shot at some day you'll throw yourself out of a plane?

    General James Gavin
  3. True, I guess its always best to confront your "fears". And what better way then to jump out head first out of a moving heli? heh. Plus I guess with the training it will seem MUCH less daunting.

    Edit : Still looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of the unit
  4. Does that mean they wear a beret that's half Maroon and half Green? 8O :twisted:

    Oh, how kind of you to call a taxi for me... :oops:
  5. Yes mate, I went down there and had a look round but I dont think it's the unit for me.

    Whilst I was there, I saw a guy gazing at a picture of the queeen in the drill hall. I asked him what he was doiing and he said, he was practicing his 1000 mile stare.

    During the kit demonstration talk by one of the corporals, I nipped out to the loo and found one of the guys I recognosed from earlier who I'd talked too about different trades available. He had a cloth over his face and kept putting his head under the tap and turning it on. I asked him what he was doing and he said that cos he was para and commando trained (266 main role), his tour in afghanistan and would be spent so deep under cover that if he got detained by U.S forces, he wouldn't be able to tell them he was in the British Army and therefore needed to practice resistance to water boarding incase he got taken to Guantanamo Bay.

    Finally, after the tea break we had a talk on survival training by an older guy who said he was the CO and had spent three years in hEREFORD but didn't like to talk about it but I managed to take a sneaky pic on my phone.

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  6. haha cheers :p that was a good laugh
  7. Fecks sake if you're not interested in Parachuting why bother with a Unit that Parachutes.
  8. wow I've offended you?

    What I was saying is if it WAS mandatory because I heard the unit is commando now, sure, parachuting for the first time will be scary ( are you gonna deny that?) but so is getting deployed for the first time.

    I tell ya, if I DID do the parachuting course it'd be yet anothre thing to be proud of, thats why I'm joining the army, self discipline + something to be proud of
  9. No you haven't offended me at all but if you ever get a Green Lid post a photo and I'll eat my bastard. :twisted:
  10. Sorry who are you and what have you done that makes you think you know everyones capability from an internet forum?
  11. If I told you being a para was not really about parachuting and being a RM was not simply about abseiling,would you have any idea of what I was talking about?
  12. I'm an Ex Royal Marine. Nuff said?
    I'm sorry, I didn't realise that ARSSE was t'internet arm of the AFCO and that members must support and nurture numpties, I will mend my ways and join a Potential Recruits Support Group forthwith.
    The mere fact that you're on here asking bone questions instead of doing something provides me with all the evidence I need to demonstrate that you will probably do no more than look wistfully at the building the Unit parades in and turn away with a sigh.
    Good luck.
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  13. Sort your gf issues out first eh, NEil?
  14. Sure sure, but with all due respect mate I've come on here to ask a few questions, now I admit that I could of just asked the unit itself when I contacted them on monday but I would of liked to ask other questions about the unit and the recruits opinions etc on here as well.

    Anyway, I'm actually looking bloody forward to tuesday and seeing the unit and I hope it feels right for me, I'm not gonna take a look at the building and just backdown. This is something I've wanted to do for a while
  15. Actually looking at the building, it is a 1920s horror movie school of architecture sort of thing...