Anyone here from Kiwiland?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by casper145, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I'd see if there were any awesome New Zealanders out and about...yep
  2. I've got a leg of lamb in the freezer.

    Does that count?
  3. Mistersoft - if its New Zealand lamb it's probably hoggett. Better bone it out and make curry.
  4. Ok I'll bone it and THEN make curry.

    But I'll wash my hands first.
  5. Wasn't the last version of Kipnapped filmed in NZ as some numpty thought NZ looked like Scotland.

    Kipnapped? It should have been called 'The Lord of the MacRing'.
  6. Why yes, Kidnapped was filmed here...
    I was in it as well, I can be seen for approx 1.5 seconds...but in the distance. Not too bad as I got $200 NZD for only 6 hours realy easy work. Yeah. Awesome
  7. There's that much filming in NZ, even the sheep have agents.

    Sticking to the Scottish theme, I wonder what the McMaoris thought of Kidnapped.
  8. Awesome? - seen their airforce? Not allowed to have jets anymore!

    [One of two helo's at the 2005 Agricultrural show - excellent day out].

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  9. lol least we got an SAS
  10. And a Holiday Inn as well?
  11. That I do not know the answer to...but probably
  12. that's about £4 sterling :)
  13. Or about four quid Stirling since they apparently have an SAS.
  14. they do. lived with two of them in bosnia. very professional, do lots of exchanges with our lot.

    i would say their army is small but very professional, having worked with lots of them (two companies out of their two regular infantry battalions :) - yes, two.)