Anyone here from Canterbury

Please go and shake your MP by the hand.

See this wonderful question and the weasel non-answer given by B-Liar at PM's question time yesterday.

In case it doesn't work - here it is.

Q1. [212243] Mr. Julian Brazier (Canterbury) (Con): If he will list his official engagements for Wednesday 2 February.

The Prime Minister (Mr. Tony Blair): Before I list my engagements, I am sure that the whole House will join me in paying tribute to the brave service personnel, both Royal Air Force and Army, who were on board the RAF Hercules that tragically crashed on Sunday. At this sad time, our thoughts and prayers are with the families of all those on board. As the Chief of the Air Staff made clear on Monday, it will be for the board of inquiry to establish the cause of the crash and it would be wrong for anyone to speculate at this point. The investigation will be complex and it may take some time to establish the exact cause of the crash.

It is doubly tragic that the crash happened on a day of such hope in Iraq. The Iraqi people showed great courage in exercising their democratic rights and I know that all of us welcome the birth of Iraqi democracy.

This morning, I had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others and, in addition to my duties in this House, I shall have further such meetings later today.

Mr. Brazier: The world rightly admires the courage of the Iraqi people in the recent election. However, I wish to press the Prime Minister on his attitude to our armed forces, whose courage helped to make that result possible. What reply did he give to my constituent, the sister of a severely wounded soldier, when she wrote and asked him how he had found time in his busy week to drop a personal line to Ozzy Osbourne when he fell off his quad bike, when not one member of the Cabinet has written to or visited her brother or any of the other 600 British soldiers wounded under the Prime Minister's direction in Iraq?

The Prime Minister: I am sorry that the hon. Gentleman makes his point in that way. Everybody in the House believes that our armed forces are courageous people who have done an immensely worthwhile job in

2 Feb 2005 : Column 831

Iraq. We should be and are proud of them. We grieve for the families who have lost their loved ones and we will give every support that we possibly can to those who have been wounded in action. That is the case for me and I believe that it is true for the Government, but it is also true for every Member of this House.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, St Tony is a complete c**t. He and the rest of his lying, two faced bunch of ner-do-wells don't give a flying copulation about the Armed Forces. A letter to a poor lad with bit of srapnel in his ARRSE wont appeal to the masses and therefore St Tony is not interested. He is a whore to the world of PR and spin and would suck-off a tramp if he felt it would get a few good reports on the news and therefore win another few votes.

Please, please let's get this bunch of clowns out of power come the election.

Or has it got to be an Armd Bde rolling into Downing Street?
Billy Liar said:
we will give every support that we possibly can to those who have been wounded in action.
This is simply a lie.

If it were true, why aren't medical and welfare agencies properly funded to enable them to provide the needed support, particularly after discharge from hospital?

P!ss temp rising rapidly.

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