Anyone help me with SCUBA Exped?

Any of you guys got any info on a great place, not too far to plan my first ever exped to??
Tips on SADS,political clearance etc etc would be great.
I went on a great diving exped to Belize last year. We used all the facilities on St Georges Caye & I think our SADS came with us from Plymouth somewhere. It was great.

The other option you could use is Cyprus. Trooper flights out there, Transit accomodation in Dhekelia and full use of CJSTC (?) including their instructors ect. Of course you would have to contact them directly to sort it, but they do (or did) do adventure training packages there.

(please excuse any spelling / typo's but i'm a bit fluffy this morning)

I hope this is helpfull.
My tip is to speak to the Army Sub-Aqua Diving Association (ASADA) Expeditions Officer or the Diving Officer. Their email addresses can be found at: They are there to help with questions such as this and are more than willing to do so with uptodate and accurate advice.

A good place to start is AGAIs Chapter 11 as this gives you the procedures to be followed etc. Check out the ASADA website as above and also the Adventurous Training Group (Army) (ATG(A)) website on ArmyNet for other good information. Any specific questions that you can't get an answer to then drop me a PM.
I'd strongly advise not going to Cyprus based on:

1. The difficulty of getting issue flights and the fact that they are very, very expensive if you have to pay for them youself. Loss of service air transport is also not an excuse for cancelling an exped......

2. As exercising troops, you are not allowed off the Sovereign Base Area. This may have changed so check.

3. In my experience (based on 3 expeds), CJSATC promise the earth, deliver very little and give you lots of grief. For this reason alone I would never go back.

For any 'easy' exped I don't think you can go far wrong with the Red Sea. A liveaboard is best but if you have inexperienced divers then a shore based trip might be more appropriate. The diving is excellent, the organisation is simple and if you pick the right time of year (i.e not half term!) then it will be relatively cheap.

Other than that I'd support getting hold of old PXRs/someone who has done one before and speaking to ASADA.
I went last year with my TA regiemnt The West Midlands Regiment to Malta and the booking as far as I know was through a company called MaltAqua who were very friendly. Our dive masters and coaches were our officers as they were all qualified to be so and we rented the scuba equipment and accomodation from MaltAqua.

Try the web site and see what you think.

Fishsoxs :D
Try Menorca if the divers are moderately experienced. There is a good mixture of cave, cavern and wreck dives although some of the depths are a bit beyond the 20 metre BSAC panic level.
I've been to the Red Sea, booked through Regal Diving, great hotel and diving can't fault them, wasn't expensive either and you get group discounts (for more than 10 people I think)

Thanks guys......the prob seems to be with the army's insistence on all divers already being qualified....I would have loved to have taken complete novices and got them qualled....also the whole SADS thing is a complete pain innit.
I have had some good help so far from ATG(G) but it just seems to be obstacles obstacles obstacles!!
anyone any experience on Spain....we can drive there with a hired minibus so the cost would be kept down....or Croatia etc etc.
Try 4 Dock - the adv trg centre at Gibraltar - I was there ages ago and they are well set up to run courses, etc. There is a dive club there and you might be able to get some of the club divers to help out. Its warm water diving (to a point) and there are shed loads of wrecks, some good deep dives and even a small cave dive depending on the experience. Only problem is, you can't get a good pint only some sh**te called CSB - the advantage is the pub is opposite the the adv trg dock and I spent the first month not going any further (they also do top club sandwiches - anyone remember what the pub was called (opposite Rooke Officers' Mess)?
Don't use Blue O2.. last year they put us on day boat that kept breaking down and poured out diesel fumes and the year before the O rings kept blowing on their tanks as they didnt have the right side regs.

Other than that Egypt is the place to go on exped.. you can get some good deals if your in a decent sized group..
steptoe said:
Don't use Blue O2.. last year they ....
I would agree with not using BlueO2 - they are a bunch of cowboys who aim to take your money and don't care about the standard of service that they provide.

Oh, and don't let them get your email address either otherwise you end up on their spam hit list for ever more.
I done an APTC exped to Ascension Islands in 1989, for 10 days, diving in and around English Bay. Max 30m though cos nearest decompression chamber a few hundred miles away. Ready made accomodation, lovely beaches, and no tourists. :D
sirbobbymoore1966 said:
...I would have loved to have taken complete novices and got them qualled....also the whole SADS thing is a complete pain innit.

Try in Thailand, they have a resident SADS (member of ASADA SB 651) and regularly host groups/expeds from HM forces. Ask your unit for a copy of PXR for 'Ex Mai-Nam Siam' dated Jan 06.

We did an Exped to the Red Sea back in Jan/Feb 06. it was booked through and they were great. PM me for a copy of our PXR.

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sirbobbymoore1966 said:
Any of you guys got any info on a great place, not too far to plan my first ever exped to??
Tips on SADS,political clearance etc etc would be great.
Stamford Bridge. Dig big hole football pitch size, fill with water, leave. That's it.

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