Anyone heard of the 1st/7th Scottish Horse in 1914?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by toxic_avenger, May 9, 2009.

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  1. My Scots grandfather's regiment before he was transferred into the Black Watch in 1914 (I think). He survived the Somme and I have his NCO training notebooks from 1917 (Edinburgh) if anyone is interested. Great stuff. Any ideas chaps?
  2. I'd love to know more, I'm trying to research his movements in 1914.
  3. The Scottish Horse was a South African unit to start with, raised around the turn of the 20th Century. 7th Duke of Tullibardin recruited in Scotland, principally in the East (Perth) and North East and Islands (which maybe where the 1st/7th could have come from but I am not sure). They faught in South Africa and WW1 and 2. They remained a mounted unit till the start of WW2. They were re-rolled to play with big guns. Not sure what they are now but check with the Scottish Yeomanry and they will tell you.
  4. My Grandad was Scottish Horse,then WW1 joined The Scots Grays,ATM my son is getting all the info together
  5. Thanks! The Scottish Yeomanry are obviously the people to ask in this case.
  6. (btw his NCO instruction lectures/ notes are interesting, particularly on machine gun training and prevention of VD!) I might put some on here if anyone is interested.
  7. IIRC they became amalgamated with the Fife and Forfarshire Yeomanry. I have (somewhere) some shoulder titles - FFY/SH. I couldn't date them though - sorry.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Post them up!
  9. Thanks MSR! His handwriting is a lot better than mine!

    The machine-gun lectures must have been before he went back out in 1917, he lost his left leg out there. (Black Watch, not sure which btn.)

    I can't believe how brave, patriotic and tough these men were. I am so proud of my Scots grandfather. And my English Grandfather who served in the Royal Engineers from 1914.

    And now, as usual with the English, I must collect all their medals from forgotten drawers (not mine, my aged parents) including the 1914 medal, get them framed, and tell my son and daughter what they did. Bloody heroes.
  10. The Scottish Horse was raised in December 1900 during the Second Boer War fought in South Africa, by the Caledonian Society of Johannesburg. Re-designated as 1st Scottish Horse in 1901, it was disbanded in 1902.
    The Scottish Horse Imperial Yeomanry was formed in Scotland on 30 March 1903, and transferred from the Imperial Yeomanry to the Territorial Force, as 1st Scottish Horse on 1 April 1908. The regiment was embodied on 4 August 1914 and numbered as 1/1st Scottish Horse (abbreviated 1/1st Sco Hse).
    In August 1914 2/1st Scottish Horse was raised at Dunkeld and Aberdeen, and in 1915 the 3/1st Scottish Horse was formed at Dunkeld.
    On 17 October 1916 the three units amalgamated in Egypt as the 13th (Scottish Horse) Battalion, The Black Watch. The battalion was disbanded on 18 July 1919 at Hounslow.
    There were no other Scottish Horse units in 1914 and there was never a 1/7th Scottish Horse. It is therefore likely that the unit you asked about was the 1/1st, and that the second “1” was badly formed and appears as a “7”.
  11. Badge Historian, mate, thanks for that! I knew he joined the Black Watch rapidly after 1914.
  12. (He was a fisherman so he'd have hated horses!) One of those recruiting fvck-ups I suppose!
  13. Badge Historian.

    That was impressive.

    Thank You.