Anyone heard of Stellaris?

I used the search function, and apparently not...

I only stumbled across it on Steam the other night, and wondered how it'd managed to sail beneath my notice until 3 weeks before release.

For those of you that can remember as far back as Masters of Orion, it looks like its shaping up to be the game that MoO 3 should have been. If you like sci-fi grand strategy games, then this one is for you. Did I mention it's by the same developers as Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings?

Trailers are here:
Media | Stellaris™ | Paradox Interactive

(if you like the videos, go on YouTube and search for "All Hail Blorg, Space Friends". )

Definitely stoked for this one.
Saw that on Steam. Probably pick it up at some point once released. Been a bit busy catching up on a huge steam backlog :p
yea being playing it since launch, im a huge fan of all paradox grand strategy games and hearts of iron 4 is comnig out in under 2 weeks

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