Anyone heard anything on the Class 4 Craftys idea?

I cannot remember if it was something I heard or read but there was definatly a mention of class 4 craftys being bandied about a short while ago.

Apparently due to the high figures of new crafties signing off, not long after getting to that quality training establishment in Bordon. The main reason? They dont like having to do more training straight after doing their short stint of basic training.

So the idea is to farm these unqualified (yet fully trained soldiers) straight out to units.

Probably into the new restructured Bn's. That an incentive to stay in?

So if it's true, we can now look forward to completly useless buggers as apposed to the nearly useless ones we recieve now.

They wont be a burden at all, the Bn manpower figures will look great, giving our lords and masters ideas.

Ties in nicely with the 4 year posting, as it will take that long to gradually beat some mechanical knowledge into them.

Has anyone else heard of this little gem, is it true, when is it due?

Hopefully I'll have escaped before this idea becomes a reality.
They did something similar in the early 90's and used to send out people awaiting trade training out to the 12 Armd and the other Workshops whilst they were waiting to get on basic courses. This didnt work so much then as they werent allowed to do fcuk all work as they wasnt trained and a lot of them ended up sweeping the world and guard. The only good thing I can see at the moment is the fact the powers above are trying to change the course structure on basics and class 1's as they can see how behind the times we are. For instance why the fcuk do they spend as long on FIP's and on spark ignition anymore and most of the course is a waste of space with engines and gearboxes falling apart as soobn as you threaten them with a spanner.

Yes I know that most of us are that busy that there isnt time to shadow the young Crafty but i do think that they will learn more out on exercise and in the work place rather than doing sh*te at SEME thats no longer needed.

Saying that they are completely useless buggers is a bit harsh Im sure we all were the same as soon as we left the factory but there was a lot more JNCO's around to monitor/mould them.
A couple of people working for DEME A visited some units early last year got all the class 1 VM's together and had a chinwag. it was a Maj from ETS and a beardy bloke from VT. We told them exactly what we thought of the idea (not much) and tried very hard to press home the point that we don't have the time now to do as much supervision as we would like. After about 2 hours of not being listened to we got a little hacked off.
To me it seemed a pointless exercise as they only heard what they wanted to and seemed to have already made up their minds.
I couldn't help feeling that when it is introduced and is a bag of cack, any complaints will be fobbed off with "Well we talked to people in the units and this is what they wanted".
A few years ago a group of us hijacked a relatively senior chap from the Corps and suggested that some Soldiers Awaiting Training could be put to good use as GD soldiers. The GD guys could then be used to do stags etc allowing the Tradesmen to get on with the job-in-hand.

The idea was treated with complete disdain and was summarily dismissed. The excuses were in line with:

"Who would pay the soldiers their LOA?" (Yes we were in GE)
"Who would pay for the transport of soldiers to and from the units etc?" get my drift.

From a senior management perspective it was a non-starter and I was therefore lead to believe that this personality prefered potential tradesmen being sent home on indefinite leave, or being allowed secondary employment (pizza delivery man FFS!) over these guys being farmed out to units.

Surely the solution now is exactly the same as the solution should have been then:

Recruit and train individuals in line with the requirements of the Field Army.

Unfortunately we [the Corps] have been and, it seems, continue to be let down by an inadequate Training Provider who, for whatever reason, has not been capable of satifying those demands.
spaz said:
A couple of people working for DEME A visited some units early last year got all the class 1 VM's together and had a chinwag".
It must have been a well scheduled visit if there was more than one VM available. I learned long ago it doesnt matter what you say to people in positions of authority even if you back it up in writing they will do what they want to do. If class 4 crafties with 4 year postings is in the pipeline it will happen. Just like LEAN we will have to make it work even if it stretches us to the limit. The only saving grace on this subject is an engineering officer will have to sign them off as competent. There will be many who get a bit twitchy signing off tradesmen with little or no formal training. It will be interesting to see how it develops.


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