Anyone have their TA Selection "DAY" at Waterbeach, Cambridge?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by GingeWHU, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Got mine on the 8th of October, just wondering what to expect?
    I've read up on various other days/weekends at other barracks and wondering if anyone had an accurate/personal lowdown of waterbeach?

    Looking ok for the run, i've been hitting times in the low 10mins quite regularly. Once there was a 9.40... but lets just say an ambulance would have been nice at the end.

    Upper body is the hard one, i've been pushing, and i've improved my 'bests' three fold in a few months.
    Just a little bit nervous about that side of it. Still behind the 'regular' requirements
    44 push ups in 2 minutes is an ask. I'll be lucky to hit 30

    Heaves, i'm ok at... i think... ? 12? No? Yes?

  2. just to round this one off, for anyone that looks-

    there was the 40kg jerry can 150m carry
    power bag lifts to 1.5m 15-40kg
    2x command tasks
    ice breaker

    none of which were pass fail

    then the run, i was going in for a medic, so my cut off was 14:00... managed 9.58 so was laughing

    Good day, good instructors, good group of recruits, most going for anglian infantry

    57 recruits, 6 fails. 4x bad run times, 2x injuries

    Getting attested and measured for kit tonight,
    best of luck to anyone else joining
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  3. How long did it take you from 1st inquiry to getting attested? I am in east anglia and thinking of joining TA (embedded engineer by profession), but still researching what reg would be best for me.
  4. I be interested in time lines from your first contact as well?

    Can i ask about ages of the recruits? I am thinking of applying, but as i am... cough late, LATE 30's, and its been 10 years, i am not sure what unit is best to apply for?

    Looking to apply in the new year, and bang out training as quick as poss myself



    Ex RFN 2RGJ
  5. What reg are planning to join ?
  6. Well thats what i am researching now...

    Nearest rifles are milton kenes,,,fair drive from me.... Anglians are close and i think local TA is RMA's and Signals

    Guess i need to find out who's actualy recruiting and what they are looking for first...

    My question to myself is, would an Inf mob really want older applicants? Or should i apply myself to a trade, closer to work or my life experiences etc
  7. For all of your information, i was attested within 4 weeks of applying. But that is purely because i had already completed another application with another unit/arm. they just transferred it over

    All you really need to do is get your RSD/Barb/Medical done and then the world is yours
    If the dates are avaliable, i've seen it done in a matter of weeks from scratch