Anyone have contacts at Bovoington?

I am hosting an exchange NCO from the National Guard between Sept 25 and 08 Oct. In the peculiar way things turn out he is from an armoured unit rather than a medic (long story). I would like to get him down to Bovington to see the Tank Museum but was rather hoping someone from the RAC might be able to give him some time/talk/intro/observation/hands on play with kit.....or whatever at the RAC Training Centre either Bovington or Lulworth.

We don't need accomodation as we will be dotting about between Weymouth and Marchwood anyway.

Anyone with any contacts or who might be able to help please drop me a PM.

Many thanks
PM sent

Get in touch with this unit Royal Wessex Yeomanry - British Army Website

Their A Sqn crews everything - Challie, Warrior, AS90, Bulldog, CVRT. Quite a number of the SNCOs are full time instrs for the Phase 2 driver trg courses ( albeit they now wear blue coveralls), no doubt they can also provide advice on who to speak to during the day to get a look/ hands on the Armr.
I'd hurry up.

Post SDSR, Bov'oington' might be a one horse town. I hear that several large container trucks of moth balls are on their way.
Mr Tracey

Well if Bovy cut its activity by 50% it would still be bumper to bumper on the All Weather Circuit.

You may be correct, 4 & 20 Bde are no doubt running down their PRI stocks, but some thinking amongst the grown ups regarding SDSR suggests that the Yeomanry may be very busy over the next few years – Talk of being “custodians” for the heavy role. So Bovy and indeed VT Land may just be very busy after SDSR.

One day HERRICK's gonna end and we'd better be ready for the next unexpected war.

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