anyone have any KOYY(LI) stuff?

Moooorning All !

I was with A SQN KOYY(LI) for a short stint just around the time of the changeover from 8 LI. But circumstances change and what with work and wife couldnt keep on. :(

What i kick myself over every day is that some items of kit i handed in i should have kept (yeh, alright, should have snaffled the lot!), and as a result, i have no 'memorabelia' of my time with these guys. The only thing i had was a T-Shirt that fell to bits after almost constant wear.

I might not have been there long or made much impression, but i met some unforgettable people ( Randerson, Uncle Roy, Credland and others) and had one of the greatest times ive ever known. :wink:

If anyone has a KOYY(LI) cap badge and shoulder flashes going beggin' (or cheep) i would love to know. In particular, if anyone has a copy of the regiment photo taken at the transition parade at Nostell Priory, i would really love a copy. I can have a print done and return original etc. That would mean a lot to me. :D

Any other KOYY(LI) stuff as well (i know loads of kit was on sale at Nostell)

'Missing in action...also one 4 ton truck and 15 hundred weight of corned beef!'
Thanks for the heads-up on that, do you know a timescale? I wont be rejoining (family, work and university take all time now) but it would be nice to see it revived.

Hoepfully then some more stuff would appear, or i could talk sweetly to someone and flash a bit of the missus' leg (if they dont give me stuff, i'll make them look at the rest of her!) :twisted:

The cap badge occasionally turns up for sale so will eventually manage that. What is more important to me would be the photo. If anyone reading this has one PLEASE let me copy it! :D
wireless_barf said:
Thanks for the heads-up on that, do you know a timescale?
Just a rumour in another thread on here (I would also be joining the unit if true - along with a few others from the Leeds/Wakefield area)
:? anyone know if the KOYY(LI) reformed in any way?

all im after is the photo taken of us all at Nostell Priory,

if anyone out there has this photo or knows someone who was in the KOYY(LI) please let me know

This photo?

I have a copy of the photo that you are looking for, also have a cap badge that I can (probably) let you have. Have loads of other photos too !
I think I have a stable belt if you want it, but the cap badge I am going to keep.

The only photo I have is of HQ Sqn in 1999 just before we disbanded, but if you want a copy of that I would be happy to lend it to you.
Puttees Senior is an ex KOYLI (is that close enough?).

Where do you want him?
thanks guys, oc14 ive PM'd you,

IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUT - HQ, if i remember right that was Wakefield wasn't it? Minden?

quite interested in the stable belt, any chance you could email me a photo of it to check its right? not meaning to be funny, its just so long back i can hardly remember what it looked like!

Tartan - can you send me a better resolution of that photo? It looks like Adolf Hitler leading the parade, but the guy on the right looks like SGT Foy.. im not too good with small pictures

wireless_barf said:
IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUT - HQ, if i remember right that was Wakefield wasn't it? Minden?
Yes HQ was Wakefield, but as for the name I can't remember. That sounds right but I might be remembering the TAC sign post SDR, after the Regt had been reduced to a company of the East West Riding Regt and I had tfr'd to the Sigs. I can't check because it's changed again to say parachute engineer squadron or something like that.

I didn't join until some time after the move from 8LI to KOYY(LI), so the belt is definately the correct type. I'll try and work out how to send a photo in a PM.
Your right that it was Minden at Wakefield and that it is now the Para Engineers Sqn.
well, ive still had no luck with this. I thought i had cracked getting the photo but heard no more back.

so, if any one else ex of KOYY(LI) has since got on this board....
Hello, me again, finally got me password back!

just thought i would bump this thread back up, see if anyone new has turned up who might have been with us in KOYY(LI) (and preferabley A Sqn)

I got a stable belt off one of you chaps - im sure i thanked you at the time but thanks again.

Im still looking for that elusive transition parade foto...

Sorry to keep wittering on about this, but im still trying to track down this photo (not the HQ coy disbandment photo), taken at Nostell Priory

i keep hitting brick walls on this, if anyone has a copy, please let me know, i need to track down the original photograher
Hi, Are you still looking for a cap badge I'm open to offers

I'm ex 1 Yorks, 4 Yorks, 8LI, 3DWR and A SQN Koyy(Li)

otherwise known as Uncle Roy:))

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