Anyone have any experience of dealinng with the Jordainians?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Drew Skinner, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi to one and all, I have a Jordanian Client who is giving me the run around over a contract does anyone have any contacts in the Military out their so that I can get a clearer picture of what I am dealing with? All help gratefully received.:x
  2. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Hi Drew and welcome to possibly the most remote corner of ARRSE where we talk about stuff relating to NE England.

    Does your Jordanian client just want a 'happy ending', or has he mentioned sheep, goats, donkeys or poultry?
  3. May be his 'client' is in the north east of Jordan, e.g. Al Jimal, Safawi, Ar Ruwaishid, near the border with I-raq? Care to elaborate skin drewer?
  4. Not sure he's supposed to be buying kit for the Jordanian Military but he keeps hanging his F*****g mind on what he wants and how much also when I ask him to go firm on numbers he throws his dummy out of the pram and starts to sulk like a big kid is this normal? I know the rag heads cand be a bit up them selves but this is business for F**k sake.:pissedoff:
  5. At least you show great enthusiasm for, and insight into, your potential business partners background, so he isn't technically your client yet then? I am not going to gratify this nonesense with an answer. I claim a WAH. Haven't the school holidays ended? Actually looking at your posts you could have posted the first one after school yesterday and the second one this morning before PE with Mr. tight pants perhaps? Be it as it may, if you encounter HM King Abdullah's wife, Queen Rania, tell her Viceroy would and could...
  6. Tell him to get a grip or you will sell the equipment to the Israelis. Job Jobbed.
  7. He's an arab, how are you incentivising him?
    Do you have a male relative who in any way resembles a young Macaulay Culkin?
  8. I don't think that incentivising him is the way ahead, more like giving him a slap and telling him to get a grip. still we will see what he has to say for him self at our next conference call
  9. You've not quite got the hang of this business malarkey yet have you? :)

    Try their Military Attache in London

    Maj. Gen. Adar Alshanableh

    02079 379611
  10. No, I have a good grip of the business side of life it's just I cant be doing with petulant arrogant people who assume they can get their own way by going into some kind of juvenile strop just because a company is unwilling to just give their products away for free.

    I have tried six ways from Sunday to let this guy down gently about what he's not getting and he has just stopped listening. I think he has forgotten that we are the named supplier and his client knows the price they should be paying. He is just an agent for purchasing purposes.
  11. What is your beef with the good Maj Gen for posting his details on this website? I think our junior member has it figured out just fine, why else would he come to this place to seek advice?
  12. Ding Dong hello young lady!!!!
  13. well that proves a point the Jordanians have pulled out. They have stated unwillingness on behalf of their agent to do business so they will buy our product through our main area distributor. win win for us I think.

  14. Public domain innit. Unless of course the General's a member of a mukhabarat. In which case Sandmanfez is screwed.

    I've worked in Jordan and I have to say they have a very direct way of dealing with issues that can be very un-Arabic.

    I was crossing from Iraq to Jordan and I encountered a particularly officious security policeman who wouldn't give my passport back. My own security adviser/fixer had actually been a member of Jordan's mukhabarat (no duff) - he ran around behind the counter, clipped the copper around the ear and gave me my passport back.

    The best thing we these buggers is to act insulted and walk away - he'll then ring you, talk about everything but the deal and then finally come to terms.
  15. Nice looking lady, can see why his royal highness married her.