Anyone have a clue?

Ok, here is the situation, and if im honest, I really dont have a clue...

No matter what site im on (and no, not porn) or whatever im doing on the PC, be it on ARRSE, or writing an email, or even a basic thing like playing a game, for no reason I can fathom, windows media player opens up, and shows a screen of saved songs/films etc, at varying times of the day or night.

As i say, I can be playing a game, and it might pop up once or twice over the time im playing, or writing emails, it can come up on screen, but im not hitting anything to get the player to come up, it just appears when it feels like it.

I have ran virus scans, and registry cleaners etc, but it is still happening, so any ideas?

This can happen anything upto 10 times a day, or not at all for days on end, hence me being lost.


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You can't see any common denominator? I'm wondering if there's a certain random filetype associated with WMP that's causing it to open, but a file that's common to games and websites? No idea, maybe an obscure movie or sound format?
None at all, as said, it can happen any amout of times a day, no matter what, so despite me being a total IT feckwit, its even harder not having anything to lock it onto.

If it happened when I played a certain game or track, then maybe, but nothing seperate makes it pop up.

It hasnt come up for a few days, yet today, it has come up 5 times, all during different things being used.
Double_Duck said:
Only thing I can think of is that one of your keys is set as a "hotkey" for WMP, if you can find out which one it is you can turn it off.

How do I find that out? given I know as much about IT as the BNP know about multiculteralism?
MaddAussie said:
Gren does it play just one song or is it a random one?

Also what version on media player, and windows are you running?

Answer one, it doesnt play anything, it just brings up a screen with a few things i have in memory, ie a film or two, a track or two, but doesnt start playing anything.

I would have to guess at WMP 10, as ive seen that somewhere on here (my PC) and the windows is XP, not the new one.

Anything else is beyond me, see previous reply :)

Just as I hit the ) in that line, it came up again, but it doesnt always do it when I hit the ) key.....
Startup says "Empty"

Assuming you mean the bit when you go to Start, all programs, then go along the list to where it says "start up"
ok Gren you might need to have a look at your start-up config, click on the start button, then select the run option, a ickle box will pop up in the bottom left corner of the screen, in that box type msconfig and hit return. This will open up another window showing everything that starts automatically when your pc starts. something in there may provide a clue

EDIT: You need to select the startup tab in msconfig


"right click" on "my computer" go to "manage" then "event viewer"

edited to add that's it's probably worth doing after it's just occured to save you trawling through lots of cr@p
PrinceAlbert said:
"right click" on "my computer" go to "manage" then "event viewer"

edited to add that's it's probably worth doing after it's just occured to save you trawling through lots of cr@p
Ok done that

Going through all the lists on that bit, nothing is showing up about anything at the time I posted the other reply, ie, when it happened when I hit the ")"

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