Anyone had any experience with Altberg boots?

Most of my last Sqn wore them including myself. 120 blokes cant be wrong, can they?

Try and get up to the factory in ripon.
They're excellent got a pair of Gamekeeper boots done for me, for those extra cold days. Ordered them at the factory (to be recommended if you've got the time) and there were no problems when I asked for them in black leather instead of the usual brown. Now thinking of some lightweight high legs and a set of hiking boots from them. Considering the price is comparable to Lowa and the like (tried Lowa myself and although they're not bad I dont rate them as much) you cannot go wrong.
Bought 2 sets of Altberg Peacemakers directly from the Alterberg Boot Company of Richmond, when I was stationed in Catterick in 1993/1994. Both are still going strong (one pair hasn't got much tread left though).

Excellent for exercise & field work (don't know about long term use on ops though, but a 6 month tour of daily use would be fine I'm sure), battle PT, CFTs, etc. They don't have a great deal of ankle support though. You also need to keep the leather well proofed.

I would thoroughly recommend them. (I bet they're not £45 like when I bought mine though)
They're good kit but they tend to make yer feet stink.

Or maybe it's just me, I never had a pair of modern, lined, all the bells and whistles boots that didn't end up humming like something long dead, until I got a pair of Danner Ft. Lewis. They still build up to a decent hum at the end of the day...But it doesn't linger.


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Have a look at the Ham Wag boots that are about to start hitting a lot of the PRI shops. The PRI distributor (lansdales) showed me a pair last week and they look very nice indeed and should be retailing at about £140

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