Anyone got there bursary dosh through yet?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Graa, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Hey there,

    Any of you lot on bursaries?

    If so, have you got your money through yet? I sent the account info off ages ago but as yet have nothing. Just want to check with you lot before I start panicking due to lack of money.
  2. Who on earth sponsors you?

    8O 8O 8)
  3. One thing you will get used to in the army (if ever you get there) is pay that takes 6 months or more to catch you up, spurious mess bills you never expected catching you out a year after you were posted and those from your current messing landing on you after a week.
  4. I've always got mine on time. And as far as I know, so has everyone else that I know who's on a Bursary (not to panic you or anything!).
    Who is your sponsor? Not that it's got much to do with them, as it's all facilitated by OCAC at RMAS, but they may be able to make a few phone calls for you.
  5. I think (rather, I hope), it's because they're waiting for all the reply slips for first year students to come in (the deadline was the 26th October) before they start to organise the pay. Thanks for the advice, although with the degree of response I usually get from PWRR I'm not expecting a miracle.

    Shutup Mongo! It's PWRR but could have been the Light Div. or Fusiliers just as easily :D
  6. Are you at Sandhurst now? I'm pretty sure bursaries get paid after arrival at Sandhurst...
  7. You don't know much about the bursary scheme do you. How would a bursary to help with alcohol abuse levels at uni, help if you only get it after uni? There is a lump sum when you go to RMAS.
  8. ah, bless the little fresher, he will soon learn that a lack of money should be embraced, not paniced at otherwise you'll spend the next three years panicking and by the time you come to get that lump sum at RMAS you'll be all burnt out.

    now i thought i sponged enough money while at uni by getting paid to have a laugh and play on the gun line by the OTC and having a student loan that the government is going to pay off for me once i start working my arrse off to teach little scrots but whining because the money you get paid to do even less for hasn't come through, please desist.
  9. Ummm... No.

    Everyone look up to the experienced student who is wise in the ways of the world already, and thinks they are God's gift to society because they're going to be a teacher.

    Perhaps you should say something more useful and less offensive. I've been tied to the army for 3 years now after I got my scholarship award, and will be for another 6 after this at the bare minimum. The idea that you will be working your arse off to qualify the government paying you off comes no where near serving 3 years minimum as an officer in the forces. My sister is doing the same thing as you, so don't think I've no understanding of the system.
  10. would you like some cheese to go with that whine?
  11. Now,Now be gentle with the poor lamb! He is going to have to fight for 'this'(my-sounds better)country soon,I feel safer already!
    Any pics of your sister?
  12. Got carried away there.

    I do have pics of my sister, but you won't want them. Honestly.
  13. Graa, are you with an OTC at the moment?
    Not to be rude mate, but if you display the same level of whinging and self-righteousness in person as you do on this board, I'll warrant it'll earn you a kicking fairly quickly.
    Just a bit of friendly advice. Don't rise to everything; people are usually just trying to get a bite. ;)
  14. Yeh I tend to rise to most things, something I have to learn to avoid doing. I never whinge though, just ask (silly) questions that provoke rude responses, of course which I respond to in a ridiculous fashion.

    Once I get used to people being provocative, I should be alright. I'm at OTC at the moment and because everyone's so lovely to us B coy lambs, I don't experience much shite.

    Appreciate the advice though Macks. I shall now endeavour to be a far more cynical old git than I already am.
  15. Cynicism is the way forward my friend.