Anyone got the Sunday Times 1st edition? poss ARRSE mention

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Page 19 atticus diary (suposedly)- it's not on their online paper. Can anyone let me know what it says?

    This should have been a large article in the news section with quotes from a couple of ARRSErs, but it got bumped down to a few lines in the Diary. I'm in Denmark, so I can't pop down to buy the paper. Big shame - it should have been a good plug for Rear Party and for a couple of ARRSErs who miraculously survived contacts in Iraq and Afghanistan... and were lucky enough to have had one of my bullets :)

    It might just be a couple of lines... maybe more... Anyone?
  2. Baldrick mate check your PM's
  3. Cheers A-J, have done

    PS... I'm still after the article if anyone has got it.
  4. So... no-one has the Sunday Times?

    I guess had it been in the latest copy of "Hello" or "Knitters weekly" I'd have received a hundred replies. Or will no one admit to reading the ST?
  5. Hi! Baldrick. Are you still nappy-changer in chief with your better half deployed in somewhere warm? If so good luck and keep up the good work.

    I won't buy any of the republican sh*te Murdoch's rags so can't help.
  6. No mate... followed your suggestion and starved the kid until nappies were surplus to requirement.

    Better half home
  7. Hi Baldrick. There is a piece in Atticus in the Scottish edition. "British troops snap up Baldrick's cunning life-saver."
  8. Nothing in my Sunday Times on page 19. Page 5 has a bit about more troops to go to Afghanistan in the autumn.
  9. Hello Baldrick. Yes, you are on page 19. I read it this morning and thought 'that website rings a bell or three'. If you want the cutting, it will cost you though, otherwise it goes into my toilet cupboard as emergency bog paper.
  10. Hi hackle,- is your copy free :)

    Do you have any way of sending it to me? I don't need the paper,- I just want to know what on earth was said. Seriously, I don't know... other than what you've written.

    Text anyone please... here or pm or to

    Cheers,- Chris
  11. Here you go;

    Atticus - Sunday Times

  12. Sir, you are a life saver... I was actually starting to worry that I'd never see it!

    I'ts a real shame that it's so short and that none of the ARRSE/Rear party Plugs worked... and a shame that a certain series of events weren't cleared up for one ARRSEr. The quote though is from an ARRSEr (Thanks) but the last quote is made up and just refering to our guarantee... Guaranteed to save your life or your money back!

    Mail me PE4... and I'll bung you something from the shop as THANKS!

    After I heard it was chopped and chopped and chopped,- it's better than I'd hoped for.

    Cheers all,- C
  13. PMd
  14. LOL that was me that was, with the ringing ears....

    apologies for the long bump