Anyone got the G2 phone from T-Mobile, am after some help if poss....

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Salford-Vera, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. there's an upgrade for the firmware (mine is currently 1.5, need to put on 1.6) but i cant upload it onto my phone, comes up connection error, ive tried it on 2 different pc's but still wont load it, anyone else have any problems and if so how did you fix it...if you did fix it obv?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Can you not update it via your 3G connection? Not had any problems with mine... Will poke some buttons now and see if I have any similar problems.

    EDIT: Any more info as to how you're connecting it you your computer? Is it a WiFi connection?
  3. Am doing it via USB on both a PC and laptop, not done it via 3G as it stated that you needed to do it via a pc, do you think its worth doing it via 3G.

  4. Odd. My firmware's on 1.5 and I've just connected to WiFi to download all updates. Have you got WiFi access? 3G might cost you, if it's possible to even use it.
  5. Never mind 1.6, how about 2.2! The g2 is essentially the HTC Hero. Mine is running 2.2 from these fine chaps. You will need root access to you phone but there are plenty of guides on how to do that. You won't regret it mine is so much faster with many more features.
  6. What sort of features ASBD? Haven't looked too deeply yet into that site, but I will do!
    I've just installed all the newest stuff on my G2 and it's top though!

  7. Cheers for that, however, im literally shite at this...literally, with this in mind, whereabouts on that website is it that i upgarde, where yer press the button to download...i cant see it. If you can link it up i'll forward it to me own pc and download from there.

  8. Jesus, i just went through some of that and am completly baffled, i need more ways than one.
  9. Im still struggling with this, can anyone give me a basic run through of how to do the upgrade.
  10. All I did was swtiched my WiFi on, connected to my lovely fast WiFi network at work.
    Then, pressed the little menu button.
    Menu > About Phone > System Software Updates > Did the Check > Installed through WiFi.

    Not sure if it is doable by 3G but if you have access to a WiFi network you shouldn't have a problem.
  11. Tried it all again lastnight, no luck, comes up costantly with connection error 171(?), doing my head now.

    For anyone who has succesfully upgraded, what i do is load up the pc, tick the box to say i have followed and understand the instruction, plug me phone in, tick upgrade, it then starts to run, my phone then turns off, comes on again after about a minute, then i get connection error. Driving me mad.
  12. Sorry, no clue there SV! :( I did mine via WiFi and can't try out what you're doibng as I run Linux on my computer like a mong.
  13. Gona have to take the fooker into T-Mobile, there about as much help as bad aids though.

    Cheers anyway fella.