Anyone got some advice?

Hiya All,

Abit of a silly question for everyone, but... I recently signed up for the T.A ( Sorry i couldnt post in " joining TA section, says it didnt exist ), I have done my RTC at maindy barracks, and did rather well from what i was being told, run time was alittle slower then expected but still... Anyway, Me and my friends have been booked onto Midlands Challenge this year, starting 5th July. My regiment has acctually gone to southern france for 3 weeks ( Wont be back till 1 week before it starts ) and we have yet to be briefed on what we need to take with us, whether personal items are allowed, EG mobile Phones.. And whether we need to pack 5 weeks worth of casual or whether we'll be in Greens the whole time? im really very confused on this and just want to be ready..., Anyone post on their experience or anyone for that matter with advice.

Cheers in advance

You have plently of time to worry about your run time when I done my phase one with the TA we had the 1/5 mile run nearly every weekend away.

I would take civvy wear just incase and I don't see the harm of taking your mobile phone either aslong as it's switiced off during lesson hours.

Have fun, and enjoy it.

I've just passed my phase one it's hard but enjoyable.

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