Anyone got recovery a disk for a HP Pavillion m7530 PC????

Right, bit of a long story here but bare with me, please!

About a week and a half ago, my PC went, for want of a better word, tits up. when it booted up there were lots of double rows of dollar signs, then windows failed to load. It would load into safe mode, with networking etc, so i dragged all the important stuff off straigh away.

I ran Norton (dont ask, my father, in his infinite wisdom, bought it) and that didnt pick up and threats etc, neither did spybot or AVG.

Now, HP being the bunch of preverbials (Sp?) that they are, dont provide recovery disks with their PCs, instead, they have a recovery partition on the HDD. Mega. So i ran the recovery tool, the destructive one, which i thought would take the PC back to week one day one......oh no! i couldnt be more wrong! now the f**ker wont work at all, no safe mode, no window, nuffink!

So what i am thinking is that i need to re-install the OS (which was XP Media Centre) manually and just start from scratch myself.

What i require is someone to help me with locating a copy of either some pukka gen recovery CDs, a 'ahem' copy of XP media centre, or a small amount of PE4 with which i can destroy this damned piece of american 'engineering'!

Any sensible suggestiosn welcome.

Feel free to PM me!

Cheers in advance

Just go to the HP website and look for their support section. There is an option there to get a legitimate replacement set of recovery disks for your particular model and OS for a much lower price than buying a new Media Center XP at retail prices. Had to do this when my hard drive failed, which I replaced, and then found my first recovery disk was unreadable. No problems, and quite quickly delivered too.


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