Anyone got experience of usinf Cree/LED light bulbs?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by brettarider, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    if they are as good as the ones on the torch I picked up then it should be worth doing. cheap enough as well
  2. I have been using LED lighting on my bike for a couple of years as it draws less power and being a solid state component, its more reliable.

    The rear tail-light is one of those multi-LED jobbies from Halfords and has worked flawlessly.

    The Indicators are complete replacement multi-led boards that sit within the bikes original indicators, the reason that I do not use LED bulbs as a direct swap is that they make your indicators flash faster unless you wire in a resistor ( boards have them built in )

    For the front of the bike I use x-vision auxillary LED lights, one lowbeam/widespread and the other highbeam/spotlight and they are incredibly effective.

    From my own experience and from other riders who have tried them, the LED replacement headlight bulbs are utter rubbish.....they do not produce the brightness needed or just seem unable to provide a full spread of light.However, if those bulbs are that cheap...give them a go and see if they have improved recently.
  3. I may be wrong, but I was led to believe that HID Conversions are illegal, unless you have auto-levelling headlamps, with washer jets.

    Also I would be surprised if fitting LED bulbs to a headlight as a direct replacement for a filament bulb was legal. I read somewhere that a filament bulb must only be replaced with another filament bulb with the correct 'E'(?) marking. It's one thing to replace sidelight bulbs in this way, or tail lights, but for headlights I think you may be on dodgy ground. Perhaps a chat to your insurers as well, as this will count as a modification.
  4. If you have warning lights for your lamps they may be show a fault with led or cree bulbs. Instant fail on your MOT, I know it can happen with some Volvos for instance.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me at all... As I recall, the only legal lights for bicycles are tungsten filaments or acetylene flames. I haven't used led headlamps on my van but have them everywhere else. Makes a big difference to the life of the leisure batteries.
  6. You don't say what your camper is, but if it's a "classic" VW or Bedford CF with a mechanical regulator you'll have problems - LEDs flicker when the voltage drops - even though still well above the "strike" voltage. I've also had the same problem putting LEDs into motorcycle light fittings - even with solid-state regulators.

    Lucas remains the "Prince of Darkness"!

    (acherly, I think the above mentioned Prince and the Emperor work together - especially when the magic smoke is about ...)
  7. It's a 1999 second Gen Iveco long wheel based panel van. So I'd imagine no to a mechanical regulator!