Anyone got at least £60 Million to Spare?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mr_Fingerz, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. I cant help but feel the last one was scrapped because of spite, but a Labour government wouldn't do such a thing would they?
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  3. As long as its not built in jockland
  4. Less than a quid each per head for the UK population ?,it will always belong to "us" so Ive no problem so long as its built in Devonport.
  5. I heard there's an Italian captain who might be looking for work...
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  6. Why cant she have one of the aircraft carriers?
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  7. Taking her knowledge of all things nautical as a given, Captain (Emsav) Pugwash could be the commissioned architect, boatyard owner, builder, final fit out and sea trial manager, launch party director, 1st choice Captain and fucking Sea Lord.

    She's probably best bezzers with the Queen, so I think it'll be a shoe in.
  8. Fuck it I'll drive the bloody thing. How hard can it be? Which way does the pointy bit go?
  9. Just remember, when approaching another vessel, you keep to the right, er, the left, er, or something. How hard's that?
  10. They wont have got the plans drawn up by the time her maj is decomposing, I think your pound may be safe for another year.
  11. I think it's a brilliant idea, I count every penny twice and tighten my belt but hey, why shouldn't our Royals whoop it up at my expense?

    That said, with the standards of seamanship currently being displayed by the RN and by our salty Italian allies. It might be a good way to reduce the civil list commitments at a stroke.
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  12. Why the need for a new one? Brenda goes to Edinburgh on the sleeper train tells the Jocks she wants her boat back.
    Get the lads to re decorate it,remove the souvenir shop/cafe/visitor experience crap.Has Phil still got his boat drivers licence? Sail it up the Thames and park it where Belfast used to be.
    Not difficult is it?

    Welcome to the official website for The Royal Yacht Britannia
  13. I thought Brittania ruled the waves? Ergo I could drive on whatever side I felt like.
    I'd fit one of those big shooty cannon things the navy likes so much.
  14. I'm no expert on Naval construction, but 60 mil does sound like doing a royal yacht on the cheap. If I recall, Abramovich has a pricier one than that and he's not a patch on Her Maj.

    However, it is weird how they want to cut all public spending but a massive yacht, and subsequent upkeep and running costs, are somehow ok.

    They could spend that cash on any number of other things that are of more use to the country at large and make use of UK manufacturing. Some trains for that fancy line they're opening, some snowplows we'll NEVER need (until the next 'unusually hard winter'), any number of things.

    But, if it's all thats on the table, I'll take it provided the jobs created/sustained are in the UK.