Anyone got any tips on level 3A maths resit resit ?

Discussion in 'REME' started by gundoc74, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Need all the help I can get! :roll:
  2. A couple of past papers, a maths supremo from your course and a bottle of red. 1 Hour on the paper, with 1 glass of red, then polish the bottle off and get another.
    worked for me.
  3. Take in a newspaper for examiner!!
  4. Isn't that turning points on curves etc?

    If you are struggling on M3A then what hope have you got for the rest of the levels?
    (If you make it that far)
  5. do some revision you retard!
  6. How long did it take for you to think of that constructive piece of advice cc
    find some time inbetween writing your d###*ers?
  7. As nige says , but leave out the wine. There was once a bunch of tiffies who were nicknamed the "art scientists", they failed everything from day 1 even their top students were returning scores of 40% to pass.
    Nearly all did pass eventually but it was down to a math buff on the course who was also a good teacher, knocked spots off the dropouts in the Kremlin.
    Is the smiling assassin still there?
    8) 8)
  8. Cheers TB got some maths ninjas on the course however I'm just dog toffie at exams. :?
  9. Sometimes, just sometimes you get a straight answer on here.
    Get yourself on to the site can be busy but it has loads of tutorials there and it may just help sink something in.
    Plus you can take it home with you. Something you probably wouldnt wanna do with some of the Maths tutors there eh! 'Shudder' Nice Bratties in the morning tho' ha ha
    Good Luck.
    This is a good site for any Tiffy wannabees BTW Maths Science the lot.
  10. should try usin them!
  11. ps was that a bite!
  12. F*ck it, just get pissed and enjoy yourself, always worked for me.
  13. Cheers catch just been on site looks promising.
  14. What is Maths Level 3A and where are you doing it?
  15. Tiffy Course in Bordon - part of a HND in Engineering (maybe HNC if he's a Guns bloke)