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Anyone got any Questions for Dave

"When are you going to start doing something to enforce corporate tax laws and cut down on non-domiciled tax loopholes, you fucking charisma vortex you?"
How about spending as much money on the defence of this country as you do on aid to other countries? Especially since these other countries don't pay your wages.


Please mister, can we have our army back.

When can I eat him? How I love the smell of freshly roast politicians in the morning!!!!!


Why is a sober adult network like Al Jaz even bothering to have your sorry arse on? Bit Jerry Springer innit?
I actually submitted a question and asked him why, as an agency driver, taking whatever work I am offered, am I £10 worse off for working 16 hours a week, which I often get, than sitting at home on the dole watching TV.

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