Anyone got any info on RAVC dog trainer trade?

ive re-applied to go back in the army after a few years as a civvy.I used to be in 47 Air Despatch sqn,but have applied to join the RAVC as a dog trainer this time around.Ive got the go-ahead from the careers office,all i need to do is pass my medical and the recruit selection.Ive been told i will then have to have an interview(whether this is with a RAVC representative or not i dont know) that i need to pass.
I want to go loaded up with as much info on the dog trainer trade as humanly possable,but im having trouble finding things out about the trade.Ive got the info from the army website but its very sparse concerning the trade training etc,etc
So if anyone has got any info they can share or point me to a website or even a point of contact somewhere that would be great

cheers troops


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