Anyone got any experiences of travelling....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sammym, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. This summer I have decided to leave Britain and go travelling. Will be meeting up with mates along the way, and seeing those who have left the homeland. So I have ideas of America to start (a few places, Texas, New York etc...), then followed by places like Australia and Asia.

    So has anyone got any experience of doing this? Any tips or advice. I have about £15k to have an amazing few months with. But I'll try and save money by dossing in hostels.
  2. 15k for a ******* holiday!!

    I believe the RTW ticket is the way forward

    I'd quarter that, go cheap and every now and then hit a bit of luxury ie a hotel room

    Get on Facebook and recruit friends, friends of friends, vague aquaintances, strangers and stay at their places
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  3. Don't give a shit about the money. Recently got it as inheritance from a relative I never knew. I just want to do something amazing before I'm too old and have lots of responsibilities. On my death bed I am sure I won't care about a bit of money, but I might enjoy remembering doing something just for me.

    Btw - I'm not a selfish ****. I have no kids and recently broke up with the mrs. I am my own man with no debts so it just feels like I want to.
  4. Have a go at travelling East across europe (Inter-railing), cross a bit of Russia, getting your whistle wet in Eastern Europe, a hop to Turkey, flight to the Orient then fly to the US to meet your mates. Only gets expensive when you get to Las Vegas, where-upon you can burn the remains of your hooker money and smash it up with your mates.
  5. Greyhound in the States, Interrail in Europe. Don't waste money on domestic flights. Bear in mind that the company on Greyhound buses can be... unusual and the bus depots a bit like the old Globetrotter on pay night. Accommodation in the US generally dirt cheap but can be awkward to get to and from without a motor. Look for Rent-a-Wreck franchises, you're pretty much fucked without a car in the US outside New York or San Francisco.

    Also bear in mind that certain leisure activities will attract distinctly frosty responses in places like Singapore or Qatar (both of which are definitely worth a visit, mind).
  6. Whatever you end up doing, have lots of fun. What a great opportunity that has unexpectedly come your way :)
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  7. Try Nepall

    Been there twice IN 2009 and last year . The natives are friendly , so much so I quickly had to tell them to all to **** off since I'd never get a moment to myself

    Try travelling round the country and do the Annapurna circuit trek . Don't go during June to Spetember since it's monsoon and far too hot and humid to do anything except lie in a hostel sweating to death

    BTW it's very cheap and my budget ( Not counting beer ) was ten quid a day and that gets you all your food and board in a mid range hostel
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Ignore everybody else posting on this thread. Many of them suffer from dementia and the rest have sexually communicated diseases.

    Right. The USA. Hire a cheap car or bike and go. But bear in mind, the place is ******* huge. Trains in the US are ace or there is the Grayhound bus. I love American and you cant go wrong.

    Once you have got that out of your system, head for Lao or Cambodia. Give yourself a month on a budget of $10 a week. Take a few weeks then decide on your next move.

    Be lucky.
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  9. New Zealand has an excellent network of youth hostels which are well worth staying in - cheap, clean, often with private rooms.
    Do stay in a luxury place every now and then, and if funding permits perhaps do 2-3 shorter trips rather than one long one. I find that about 5-6 weeks travel is the point where no matter how great the location, I'd just like to be at home for a few days and get less out of it.

    Definitely follow the suggestion of the Iron Duke and get a hire car in the US. Also flash Forces ID at every opportunity and if you've done TELIC/HERRICK where possible and appropriate slip it into conversation in return for discounts and genuine good treatment. I'd also consider getting a tent too, but be wary of where you camp in the US - their campsites are in fact parking up grounds for the morbidly obese in their 'Recreational Vehicles' which are essentially motability scooters for the terminally obese.

    Namibia is well worth a look too if you can get down that way, but be prepared for pricey safari lodges.
  10. Go for a long weekend in Blackpool.
    Send me the remaining £14,900 and I guarantee to double your money in six months.
  11. Thanks for all the advice so far guys. Jim don't worry I shall be taking my mod90, but I think I am going to have to be careful where I try and use it as I am planning on going to quite a range of places, and some of them might not see it as such a good thing. I'm definately not planning on being one of those dicks who insist on going everywhere in regimental hoody and shirt though.

    So far I am in the process of looking at a map and working out the best places to go and the best way to do it all. If possible I'd rather just go to a place until I am bored and then move on, rather than be stuck to a shedule so to speak. I think it's a bit more exciting just one night thinking **** this I've had enough of this place and jumping on a plane/train/bus and being on your way.
  12. Trans-siberian express/railway is something I would love to do but I'm knocking on a bit. Wouldn't mind a leisurely stroll up the Atlantic Wall either.
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  13. Definitely do the USA. It's a fascinating place with stunning scenery. Birds are easy if you have 'an accent'. Don't bother with museums and organised attractions as they're all shit. Just visit the big stuff - NYC, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Vegas.

    £15k will go a long way if you're smart about it - or last a week if you're not.

    Obsess over cheap flights. Shop around. Use Skyscanner. Check alternative dates. The difference can be vast - I've flown to NYC return for £1100 on one occasion and £350 on another.

    Avoid overtly touristy places. You'll pay way over the odds. Fine for a day or two, but an easy way to burn your budget.

    Don't let the cash go to your head. Pretend you're skint. Ration yourself weekly. Keep an emergency fund in case you need to get home on the next flight/stay in a hotel unexpectedly/bribe a government official.

    Make sure you have health insurance. For the sake of £50, you'll potentially save yourself a bill of £250,000 +.

    Don't use your mobile phone unless you need emergency assistance. Other times, get Skype and use it via wifi connections.

    Beware the law. Stay the **** away from drugs anywhere overseas and behave yourself in Muslim countries. There are a lot of Brits rotting away in foreign jails because they thought the world worked like the UK.

    Have a plan but not too much of one. I'd be tempted to take TiD's advice if you can. See the expensive stuff for a couple of weeks, then hit a cheap country and live it up for a week or a month or 2 years.

    If you want info on a specific location, ask around on here. There are posters from most corners of the Earth.

    You jammy ****.

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  14. Can be tricky as a lot of countries won't let you in unless you have a plan for leaving. The US want to see a return or onward ticket when you enter, for example.

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  15. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Go to South America, in particular Ecuador, Peru and Chile.

    Chile is best, as a single bloke you will love it, the Chileans think Brits are great.

    Especially the female ones.