Anyone got any experience with private physio? Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by alex965, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Morning all. Well after being enough of a mong to manage to dislocate and break my arm (distal humerus) 8 weeks ago I've come out of plaster to find an arm that's atrophied to shit, has f/a range of motion and is being held together by enough plates and pins to keep the scrap iron man happy for at least two days. I'm only a few days out of the cast and I'm due some physio with the nhs, but god knows when they will ring with an appointment. I've been told by a few people that it would be worth getting in contact with a private physio and see what they can do in terms of getting range of motion back. Anyone been in a similar situation and used private physio? Obviously everyone is different but just trying to get a general idea of whether it's worth looking into something like that.

  2. When I caused big damage to my shoulder playing rugby, my club payed for a private physio. I'd like to say it was because I was amazing, but it's more likely they were a posh club and had him for games anyway. He was very good apart from when I needed extra scans and referrals to doctors. Then it was a ballache getting that all done through the nhs and back to him.

    So if you can afford to pay for it all privately its good. If you need to mix in and out of the nhs I'd say go nhs. For a broken arm it might be more simple, and you might kickstart your rehab early.
  3. Fair enough, I guess it would be a pain in the arse to get the info through to private if everything else is nhs. Hopefully it will be simpler because it's just the arm. I was sort of thinking it would be best to use private to supplement the nhs to, like you said, kickstart the rehab early. 90% of what I enjoy doing is outdoors/sports orientated so it's a bummer being restricted so much, would be nice to get 100% range of motion back too so my place in the ta (and hopefully regs in the future) doesn't go up the shitter.
  4. Hello Alex965

    As your intended career hinges upon the results of your treatment, then surely the answer is to do everything possible. Find yourself the absolute best sports physio that you can get to regularly. If cash is a problem beg, borrow or rent out your sister / mother /granny/little brother. PM me your location and I'll send contact details for possible the best in the land.

    Best of

    Old Rat
  5. Good point, cheers ratty, pm sent.
  6. Alex965,

    I spent the best part of a year doing physio back in the late 90's. The NHS physio's were good and were colleagues of the surgeon who had operated on my leg. They spoke to him frequently and he monitored my progress through them for the most part.

    I've had good and poor from both sides since. The internet is a huge help, it allows you to look at techniques and ask others. There are some things that most will stay away from due to the fear of litigation, look up dynamic stretching. It sorted the sciatica that results from my gait but the private physio I saw wasn't keen on it at all.

    Some stats for the effectiveness:


    In the end it comes down to you, how motivated you are and how much you listen to others. Don't try to rush it.
  7. I used a private sports physio on and off for 3 years when I did my lower back in.

    While the nhs treatment was ok, I could see the private physio longer, more frequently and at times that suited me. Was worth the money as I was very active back then.

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  8. Yeah I seem to have heard with the nhs it's a bit of a gamble as to whether you get a crap one or not.

    And thanks for all the advice everyone, got some good info and food for thought. Apparently the nhs physio department I'm about to start attending has a really good reputation and they have decent sepcialists in monged arms etc. But im fairly set on investing a bit of time and money into some extra private stuff as well. Worth a few hundred squid if it helps me recover faster and more thoroughly because atm I can't box, can't ride my motorbike and the only phys I can do is squats, sit ups and light tabbing. (Doctor told me off for trying to run and informed me if I stacked it while running at this stage my arm would be well and truly fecked haha)
  9. Phone your local NHS physio dept up for advice first. It's likely some will have an interest in sports injuries.
  10. You can use an exercise bike can't you? There's only so much that physio can do and as I said, don't rush it. I'd spend the wonga on a good holiday once your rehab is done, get a tan and a bit of tone from snorkelling or whatever.
  11. Will do, I was planning on ringing them in the morning tomorrow anyway but I'll ask about that. Cheers.
  12. Yeah I do have access to an exercise bike and I have used it from time to time, I have a lot of trouble sticking with it though because I've always hated stationary exercise machines, when I'm tabbing I make sure I'm covering at least 4 miles in an hour which with a bergan on is enough to keep my heart rate up a bit...I guess that's cardio...(ish?).
  13. You really don't want to pay if you can avoid it, you may even be seeing the same person.
  14. Fair enough, I'll see what happens then. Just got a bit concerned because it's been four odd days since I came out of plaster and still barely any improvement on range of motion (which is crap). Also I've had mixed opinions as to whether I'll even get enough range of motion back to continue training as apparently it was much worse than they first thought (supercondylar distal humerus fracture and dislocation) is what I remember them saying. Would be nice to keep the money for something else if I can though.