Anyone got any contacts for a 'Beer Mobile Bike' close to Paderborn?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by MAD_FERRET, May 17, 2012.

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  1. Hello - does anyone have any contacts / know where l can get hold of a 'beer bike'.

    For those unsure to what l refer, it looks like a mobile gazebo mounted on a car chassis with a table in the middle of it, and all participating drinkers sit around it pedalling whilst drinking a few scoops.

    Any leads would be greatfully appreciated. I know they used to be popular in cities, but are now banned on public roads. (Can't think why?!), l require one for a Mess shindig round our unit.

    Tried Starfire and a couple of the other 'usual suspects' but to no avail.

    Many thanks in advance


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  2. I know the picture has a 'rent me' number stuck to it, before anyone points it out - its a bit far away from Paderborn though!
  3. Cheers PA, its a bit steep on cost and l dont want it shipped across from UK - lve seen one cutting about round camp before, so can only presume 'someone' hired it locally.

    Thanks all the same buddy
  4. Nowhere did it say that you were outside the UK. Where are you? Germany?
  5. Clue's in the title! ;-)
    Yes, Germany, Paderborn to be exact!
  6. Yeah, l've just stumbled across that website and it might be the way forward/backwards/ inside out!

    Many thanks again..

    I will check again on this thread later, suppose l'd better go do some work
  7. It's not a 'beer bike' exactly, but if you're looking for a multi-rider bike for drinking games I 've seen the RE recruiting team with a contraption of that type that holds 4 (I think) riders who sit in a circle. No table though.

    Might be worth a squirt for a free option!
  8. Just thought the same thing...

    Get two and you could have a race around camp (maybe even Sergeants v Officers/WOs for example if no suitable leaving function was avalialbe), put a number of stops out for 'refreshments'.
  9. You've not got the hang of this game have you. The bike has a keg of beer on it, and you drink as you go.
  10. I understand that bit. My game perhaps is more 'grown up' than you are familar with. Cycles to the 'refreshment' stand promptly down a glass of corn, and carry on to the next stand, where similar refreshments would be made available.
  11. Oh I see. In that case you need a "shot-glass paddle" and make them smash a shot as they past each lamp post, keeping them on the move.
  12. I can definitly see where you're going with that... which is ironic because they players probably wouldn't (for very long).
  13. Shameless Bump!