Anyone got a review for Lord of the Rings Online yet?

Just wondering if its any good considering Turbines last attempt at mmporgs (D&D online) was a bunch of arrse.
I tried the 10 day pre-order.

It's like a bland, second rate version of World of Warcraft. The graphics are very nice as is the customisation of your character, though I found starting area quests to be very dull and a pain in the arse to locate, and the professions boring. Not impressed by the UI either (crappy version of WoW's) and class abilities, all have a cooldown so you're just bashing buttons and waiting x seconds to use that ability again.

there are plenty of free 10 day trials out there for you to make your own mind up. However I was a part of the BETA from Dec 06 and have thoroughly been enjoying the game. There is a strong lean towards wandering around in groups especially as you go up in level (more drops etc)
Beautiful looking game with some great storylines and settings. Choice of servers is between Roleplaying (Bit extreme for a casual gamer like myself) and normal. Most characters are well balanced with a need for pretty much most of them in a group.

Get playing and have fun


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Am i right in thinking that somewhere in this "world" the actual fellowship are wondering around? In theory if you are in the right place at the right time, you can fight in the battle of Helms deep etc?


I got the game on Sunday and I’m already addicted to it.
It’s amazing how much fun it is wondering around middle earth beating up trolls :D


Depends if you pay monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, or per year.

It’s roughly about £7.50 a month, first month is free.
Played this one in Beta and have been playing since day 1 of pre-order, absolutely loving it.

If you are fairly hard core its easy to reach the level cap quickly but its also likely that you will miss a fair bit of the game. There is no PvP in the strictest sense of the term although PvP type combat is catered for in Monster play.

Very attractive graphically if you have the system to run it on high / very high settings.

I was in closed and open beta for DDO, enjoyed that for a while but got very bored with it very quickly after release. LoTRO is very different from DDO in my opinion, DDO hated casual players, I am a casual player and just got left behind by my guild very quickly in DDO, this compounded by the fact that all quests were instanced and never changed (at that time at least).

I have lifetime membership for LoTRO and can't see me putting it down in the near future.

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