Anyone got a plane?? - A whinge from the rear

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldFatBloke, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. I didn't realise that Crab Air had gone commercial and that they are now subject to flight delays whilst waiting for inbound aircraft. I know I shouldn't have a pop at crab air (well ---why not!) but imagine receiving a phone call from Khandahar "Dad, flight delayed and we have been waiting for three days to get out" "OK son, s**t happens, had anything to eat?" "No, nothing available and not much to wreck, they've padlocked the cabinet to prevent us from getting in" Apparently Crab Air simply do not have enough aircraft which means that lads coming home on r n r bite into their leave waiting for available flights.

    I can imagine our puppet masters allowing such activities to bite into their six weeks soujorn. I found that trying to get info out of Brize is like drawing teeth, or talkling to BA (they really have caught on fast). Its a naive observation I know but isn't it interesting that when conflicts arise aircraft are chartered to bus lads in but not to bring them back. By the way, this is no longer newsworthy since it occurs so often. I just wish we could place our great leader and his mate the part-time chappy, for a full operational tour. You never know, they might not come back.

    Right whinge over, I'll crack on and ensure that when our lad does come backwe have a bloody good time. Sorry for the whinge guys, just had to let off steam somewhere.
  2. My bold, not to Afhganistan they don't, it's all Tristar. We had a civ charter back from Cyprus but that's it.
  3. I was going to say welcome to the real world of looking after the lads and lasses however you seem to have a good grasp of the $hit they should not have to put up with. :x

    hope your lad has a good well earned leave
  4. There's a story on PPRUNE that someone drove into the last but one serviceable Tri* - no spares were available so it's (or was) sat in Akrotiri - not sure what's happened since, it degenerated into another anti-mover fest.

    Just to add a clicky.
  5. Last but one ? Really ? I would have thought the press would have been kicking up a stink by now as they seem to be grabbing any opportunity to bash Broon that they can find these days.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Was it a mover?
  7. I don't know - I'm long gone from the trade - if you follow the link, it would appear that everybody is denying it.
  8. Side point. Just had the joys of Crab Air tell us that they will fly us to the States for 2 weeks Annual Camp as they had a spare Airframe, only to first get told they can't fly us back at the end of 2 weeks but could mange 2 and half weeks. Then turn up on the Friday night to find out the flight was delayed for 3 days. Then find out that Gateway was packed with people stuck becasuse of dead airframes.

    I'm not bothered with the delay as the available airframe was shifting troops out of sandy places. What I do resent is Crab Air lying to us, which is normal for Crab Air. A Charter could have been booked, saving Crab air grief with an Airframe in the wrong part of the world and getting us in and out in the time frame we wanted.
  9. The Sunday papers mentioned cracks found in the fuselage.
  10. That's right. Mick Smith mentioned it in an Afghanistan piece in the Sunday Times:

  11. - Troops flying home from Iraq and Afghanistan face delays after it emerged that two of the RAF’s three Tristar C2 transport aircraft have to be taken out of service so that cracks in their wing flaps can be repaired. The Ministry of Defence insisted it can maintain an “air bridge” by civilian charter.

    Methinks one of those chartered flying pigs just zoomed by as well......
  12. More business for Air London - or whatever they're called now!!!
  13. Thanks, wondered where it had got to. Now if it only had wings
  14. You were not lied to - you suffered from poor funding and overstretch. I would have been amazed if someone had the cash to charter you a transatlantic aircraft - more money than a 2 wk summer camp is worth I can tell you. They did their best for you and it crapped out because of over-worked frames on ops. Dry your eyes princess.
  15. August mid-summer is not a good time for anybody to be looking for spare charter capacity on the cheap. It also doesn't help when the person looking has a reputation in the industry for being a bad settler of debts and a fcuking pain with non-stop amendments to routes, schedules, loads etc etc. In the old days, if we got an 'emergency call' for spare capacity from the MoD, we used to just take the easy option and say: "No. Sorry. Thank you for calling. Good-bye!"

    I doubt it has got any better in the past 10 years.