Anyone got a decent job??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Im an ex regular soldier infantry now part of the TA RLC. Got a shite job in civvy street can anyone or does anyone know of any jobs floating around essex area?? Any decent comments appreciated.
  2. depends on your skill sets really|???
  3. Have you tried the job association things - solely for ex squaddies? It normally has a firm advertising for crane drivers within M25. You just need a HGV license. They train you up and then pay starts at around 25k a year!
  4. Yep got good job but had to leave TA in the end. It is a sad fact of life that some companys can not afford to have staff away for months on end on opperations. I work for a big multinational company and all TA camps etc had to be done in my own time using holiday. Dare say if I was still in and went on opperations I would find myself with no job as soon as the firm could get rid of me without getting into trouble. Best firm for jobs to get for work TA balance are things like the post office or goverment contractors like Astrium, MBDA etc. I had to make a choice stay in TA with not so good civ job or leave TA & have good civ job with package that will provide for me & family. Loads of my mates in TA were self employed builders they had to leave, as TA would not pay enough to cover their bills when away. And when they come back their business my no longer exist.
    Another problem is firms may not give you a job if you tell them you are in the TA. You will never know this is the reason as they give other reasons. I know this is the case in my own department because it takes 3 months to get you in the door 3 months to train you 12 months till you know the job inside out. So if you are away for 3 or 6 months we have no way of covering the place with a temp.