Anyone going to Salute 2017 today?

I was trading at the show - got home at 2215 last night after a long flog back up the M25, M1 and M6...

Show as pretty busy but seemed to tail off a bit toward the end. Didn't see much of the games as I was too busy on the stand but I managed to get round and pick up some bits before the punters were allowed in:

6' x 4' playing mat for X wing, a couple of new ships (incluing Darth Vader's Tie fighter, and an extra set of dice (as advised by a mate who has been playing X wing for several years).

Main problem was that access to the toilets was closed off inside the hall so you had to exit into the main concourse to use the ones outside. The hall opposite was running a Sewing, knitting and quilting show - the collision between the badly dressed wargamers clutching daysacks and bags of new toys and the gaggles of ladies with their homemade hand sewn shopping bags and packs of wool, thread etc was like watching oil and water trying to mix...

I had my photo taken with the Imperial Stormtroopers and Death Star officers who were wandering around, I'll email it to the grandson later as he is a big Tar Wars fan. The stormtrooper armour actually looked very good close up, but the star of the show was the chap in the full sized Wookie outfit. The costume had built up platform feet so he stood about 7' tall and the costume included a sound device so he made all the right Wookie noises. The kids thought he was great and he spent most of the show stopping while people took photos.

Busy day though and glad to get home afterwards.
Sounds like you had a great day- I missed it as am away for a few more days, and am gutted, but my wallet is thankful!

What stall were you on Rodney, so I can help spend some cash with you next time!

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