Anyone going to Pirbright this weekend?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jamz, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Me and a trainee officer from Portsmouth are going up on the Friday eve...anyone else?
  2. I'm suppose to be going up next Thursday for 2 weeks.
  3. Well that's all done..find out Wednesday if i've passed

    Had some absolute tool lying next to me snoring like I have never heard before...he kept me and 6 others up but none of us wanted to do anything due to maybe getting kicked of the course...Even the few girls in the next room heard him

    He failed... gave up on the warm up to the run! what a joke

    Hopefully having zero sleep hasn't affected my result, he turns round to my mate and says that he 'probably wont come back'! he actually thought he had a choice...not even sure how he got past the interview to be honest
  4. thought Id post an update so people know what to expect:

    Selection Passed

    Run Time: 11:23 (glad because i know i can get that down to required 10:30 easy enough)
    Icebreaker: Clear, informative and good use of humour
    Powerlift: All weights completed
    Jerry-can run: Test completed 150m
    Grenade test physical and taking in Info: 11 out of 12
    Team Tasks: 1 being the best 5 worst..achieved a 2
    EDIT* BARB score 65
    The run for infantry IS 12:45 not 14:00 for those who dont know
  5. Yer I was there too m8, he was loud! Passed with a 11:15 run and 76 on the ol'BARB test :)
  6. Done well...

    I got 65 in the BARB..overall im quite pleased, not a million miles away getting my time down to 10:30...

    Conner came up with me from D-Coy, he came first on the run... 8:40something

    Not bad considering like me he never had a wink of sleep either