anyone going to afc harrogate

hi, im just wondering if there is anybody on thins site that are goin to harrogate for the september intake?

if so, just wanting to know what everyone else is off to do?
good on ya maty, i ope i can do the full 22.
just av to see how it goes, and hopefully i will like it

if you dont mind me asking, wt job have you done?
REME As Aircraft Tech :)
Goin Sunday :) Can't Wait
Its ok as far as basic training goes. You wont think it at the time but it is actually a good course, you have more time for things to sink in. Freedom after the first 6 weeks is better but not fantastic. Depending on your platoon you may be allowed out at nights during the week (My platoon werent allowed) but from saturday afternoon till sunday is usually your own. However church parade on a sunday or deployin on exercise on a sunday can muck that up majorly.
Its tough but you'll enjoy it! Pm me if u would like more info.

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