anyone going to afc harrogate

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by munts_stanley, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. hi, im just wondering if there is anybody on thins site that are goin to harrogate for the september intake?

    if so, just wanting to know what everyone else is off to do?
  2. Yes i am. I'll be your new Platoon sergeant for that intake. Make sure you bring plenty of Vaseline and shave your bottom. :)
  3. im sure that wasnt in my joining instructions
  4. but on a serious note, are u really the platoon sargeant
  5. No i'm not mate. and it's Sergeant not Sargeant.
  6. yer ano, realised after i posted it, o well.

    sounds like your just as bored as i am. 4 days tommorow until i join tho
  7. Good luck mate. Only 3 years left for me! :thumright:
  8. good on ya maty, i ope i can do the full 22.
    just av to see how it goes, and hopefully i will like it

    if you dont mind me asking, wt job have you done?
  9. Yep, Royal Signals as a Communication systems operator.

    Can't wait to go now :D :D
  10. Lucky cnuts.
    Ive got to wait till January, worth it though.
    Good Luck though lads.
  11. REME As Aircraft Tech :)
    Goin Sunday :) Can't Wait
  12. yer ano, jus wana go now, well lookin forward to it now,

    im goin as air tech too, so there probly a chance wel b workin together at harrogate mate
  13. signing on the dotted line 2mora, got to be at the careers office at half 8, swearing my oath too and all that.
  14. Im going in for Paras. Can't wait to go :D
  15. Just passed out of there. Enjoy!