Anyone going for selection?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by infantry_man, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. just seeing if anyone is going for selection 11/03/08
  2. forgot to say

    at pirbright
  3. Nope, but the 1.5 mile route is meant to be the hardest out of them all, have fun and good luck.
  4. is it
    i'm doing it in about 10 minutes 30 seconds so should hopefully be ok
    Thanks for the thumbs up
  5. still waiting for my date.
    Good luck anyway mate.
  6. hardest of them all? its 1.5 miles for fcuks sake!
  7. Define hardest? Why?

    or is it just really really hard.......

    How many have you attempted?
  8. no im the week before mate, a week today!!! and yeah im about the same time, 10:30 im hopefully joining royal engineers! good luck mate!!
  9. I was told it was the hardest, but like people said its only 1.5 miles. I got a pb for me on the run there though.
  10. what is it 1 in 1 gradient then? 1.5 miles across a minefield wearing a bucket on your head?

    ahhhh now i see, you were told it was the hardest :roll:
  11. Um.... The camp is flat. Don't know how it can be a hard 1.5 miles. The route's not exactly hard to remember either.

    T C
  12. nah, Don't worry about the Pirbright run, it's on flat ground, although when you turn left by the 1st gate, there is a *very* small incline, other than that, it's ok.

    What makes the run difficult is being nervous, if your too nervous it makes the run harder and you have to put more effort into it, so just focus on correct breathing and try to relax.
  13. Thanks
    good luck to you to
  14. I maybe subject to a wah or 2 from this question but...
    I had a 1.5 mile course worked out at home to prepare for selection on, I eventually got my run time down to 8.05 minutes. On selection the majority was saying that there running time was around the 9.30-10.30 mark. Happy days.

    However, at Pirbright my run time ended up being 9.26 and the said majority finished around the 11.30 mark. Anyway some lad had told me he had prepared much the same way I had measured out a mile and half etc etc.

    So, is the Army 1.5 mile longer than say a civvy one measured out in a car?
  15. take different conditions into account did you do have to partake in a PT sess the day before did you do your 1.5m run at selection straight after breakfast, when i did mine loads stuffed there face at breakfast then had to do there run straight after