Anyone going 2 WINCHESTER 14th July ?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by glasgowchamp, May 17, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else going on this date ?
  2. Which trade are you joining?
  3. am going tanks
  4. QRL or QRH?
  5. wot age r u lot coz winchester is getting made into jouiner entry coz b and c company is the last adult intake because we are the last b company and we pass out in 4 weeks
  6. You might aswell have put that in hieroglyphics it would of made about as much sense to me.
  7. Haha... :D
  8. am going Scots Dragoon Guards am assuming its Winchester and i know u shud neva assume its the mother ov all **** ups but who cares lol

    so i shud be in the last Adult intake then ? cause am 19, 20 on July 21st end ov week 1 lol.
  9. "Anyone going 2 WINCHESTER 14th July ?"

    2nd Bn, Winchester Regiment? Never heard of them, are they one of these new regiments?
  10. Clearly your basic skills results were a lie!!! :D
  11. Just found out today its not winchester its Bovington so anyone else going on this intake ? scribbo back