Anyone go to the MotoGP at Silverstone?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Bicster, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. What a day out that was. Incredible ride by Cal Crutchlow and Scott Redding did us proud in Moto2. Great to hear the proper GP bikes again, they sounded unbelievable coming out of Luffield and going round Woodcote where I was sat. Sad to think we wont see Casey Stoner race again on our shores as it was always a pleasure to admire his massive talent, especially watching him sideways with smoke coming off his rear tyre on the exit of Woodcote on Sunday. As for Rossi, even though he finished 9th and had a lonely race you still knew you were in the presence a god of motorcycle sport, its always jaw dropping to see him ride past. Congratulations to Jorge Lorenzo, a deserving winner on the day, both him and Rossi had a good slow warming down lap to wave to the fans, not to forget Cal who lifted the roof off the grandstand with cheers. As for traffic jams, Silverstone has it sorted, nothing like Donington Park where it was a nightmare to get in. We got straight in and into a parking spot without any drama, on the way out we got stuck in slow moving traffic for about 20 minutes and that was it. Great job Silverstone :)
  2. Will The Doctor be riding a Honda next year do you think?
    Be a good season if he did?
  3. Would be great if he did mate, back to where he started his MotoGP career proper on the Honda NSR500. Im sure Rossi and Jerry Burgess could make the Honda as hard to beat as it is with Casey Stoner piloting it at the moment. Ive read that Ducati are trying to lure Cal Crutchlow in for next year, I hope he doesnt take it and either holds out at Tech3 or gets a factory Yamaha ride
  4. Interesting times ahead. ;-)
  5. Too right, you have to wonder if Honda would want Rossi back as its been reported that they parted pretty bitterly. Would be nice to see Rossi off that pile of career ruining crap, god knows how Stoner rode it and won, just goes to show the mans talent. Melandri was doing really well in MotoGP, a rider who before could get podiums and was a pleasure to watch, he went to Ducati and it was game over apart from a short lived ride with the Hayate team on what was an old Kawasaki ZX-RR, he still took a few scalps on that too. Looks like Ben Spies is going to lose his factory ride and Dani Pedrosas ride is looking under threat at the factory Honda team too, so apart from Lorenzo who has signed another 2 year deal with the factory Yamaha team all the big guns rides are up in the air at the moment. Silly season is here already!
  6. Yeah it was spot on, I was in woodcote too excellant place to be and will definately do it again plus i got quite a deal on a helmet in one of the shops too so an all-round good day.
  7. Yes. Spies has the riding style that may suit the "Duck"?
    Honda & Rossi may not be on good terms but they want to develop the complete package bike and Rossi wants a decent ride. It was him that got them started before after all. £££££
    (Can't see Pedrosa & Lorenzo sharing a garage. Have to have a bigger wall than he had with Rossi?)
  8. Nice one, some proper good stalls there, I tried to get some last minute deals on some t shirts for me and my missus while they were on the verge of packing up but they had none of it, oh well thought id have a go. What do you ride mate?
  9. And Rossi brought MotoGP back from the dead, I was at Donington Park in 2000 when he took his first win on the Honda NSR500 and there were about 16000 people there that day, it was on its arse in this country as Doohan, Schwantz and most of the other superstars had left. 3 years later there were over 80000 people there watching.
    That Ducati must be one ball ache, trying everything and it not working, I bet the tensions in the Ducati garage are at breaking point by now
  10. I ride a zx10r though drove to the event, thought I'd made the right choice watching the riders sweat it during the day then got stuck in the traffic leaving as they flew through.

    I'd like to see rossi stay at ducati for another couple of seasons, now they are owned by Audi I think reliability problems will disappear and the question of money is gone, I'd hate to see him do all the development work only to hand the finished product over to someone else. I think Dovi might take Haydens ride, I'd love to see crutchlow stay at tech for another season, cerment his rep as a top rider then get a factory ride in 2014 and challenge for the title, can see spies going to tech which is a shame as I think he's really talented but who knows it's silly season to the max!
  11. Nice one mate, two bikes ago I had a 2008 10R. Traded it in for a wait for it...........a 2008 Harley 1200 Sportster, dont ask :pukel: Traded that in for my current bike, a 2009 Hayabusa, nice to be back on something with a bit of shove :grin:

    Me and the missus went in the car too, would have been a boring ride from Shrewsbury to Silverstone but did miss being part of the convoys of bikes that were on the roads.

    I reckon its going to be Cal to partner Lorenzo. Spies out of the factory Yamaha team, turns down a Tech3 ride and goes back to WSB or goes off to AMA. Rossi takes Stoners place. Marquez from Moto3 to the fatory Honda team. Pedrosa to a satellite team possibly replacing Bautista at the Gresini squad. Hayden out of the factory Ducati team replaced by Barbera. I think its going to be a great season next year, a lot of riders and teams will have a lot to prove after Stoner leaving. Not a huge fan of him but what a rider, great to watch and how the hell did he win on that Desmosedici!
  12. Me neither though ive enjoyed watching him more this season as the chatter issue has proved he is beatable as apposed to previous seasons where the winner of the race was prewritten,stoner gapping the opposition so much he wasn't even in the video coverage.

    I noticed Cal crutchlow seemed a lot more upbeat than he normally is pre-race, I really hope he hasn't agreed to something with ducati.
  13. Also I think spies would do well to take the tech3, I think he's lost his races before the start with the burden of the factory weighing him down, under less pressure he could do really well.