Anyone go to CENTSAM this year?


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Good event, and even stopped p1ssing it down for the awards (but not the shooting).

For those of you who don't know, CENTSAM is the annual Central Skill at Arms Meeting (at Bisley this year) during which the top shots from the 3 services and some internationals have a 6-day shoot-out to a: show who's THE MAN in each service as well as encourage shooting skills across the board (the lads doing the shooting at this event have had to beat just about everyone else in their service to get to go to the event, and then actively help and promote shooting skills when they get back to ensure the continuation of our armed force's high shooting standards. Very worthy event run by the Army Rifle Association in conjunction with the National Rifle Association (though it is currently under sustained assault by the bean counters in the MOD). The event also promotes dialogue, mutual respect and training with other forces from around the world (Sultanate of Oman troops got quite a few awards, as did the Aussies and Canadians).

This is where the Queen's Medal for Shooting gets awarded, along with the Army 100 markers. The Queen has been in attendance in the past during the Centenary event to give out the awards, and this year the great man himself General Sir Richard Dannatt came to support it.

Couple of pics: Queen's Medal Winners

Did I here that the RAF Chap beat the Navy, Marines and the Army overall? Including the top shot in ht eGB match against the Sultan of Oman Armed Forces? How can that be shooting the same competitions - I thought the Army would have seen the RAF off - seems not!
There's more than one prize - one of the staffys in my unit is fcuking obsessed with it - goes down the Queen's medal list every year and works out when they are getting out - he had to make to with Army Pistol Champion at Arms this year I think.

He's been in my unit for 2 years now and always comes back with some trophy or other. In that time it's been something like combat rifle or service pistol champion.
jayteepee_1999 said:
Still, not as good as the RAF chap me thinks - as the photo shows him with a beer!
Bang on - I drink most nights and I don't go on about it but bloke in my unit drinks not nearly enough - shooting's his game and he has yet to get the gong or beer in hand - and he goes on and on about it!

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